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1. Escape the Room Milwaukee - Historic Third Ward

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· 585 reviews

222 E Erie St Suite 110, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Escape the Room Milwaukee: what do users think?

Barry Alen: Benji helped us out a lot, good times

Bethany Semrow: Had a great time! Miranda was an amazing host!

Hailey Houtz: Ahnna was an awesome game master! So fun, encouraging, and made our evening!

Joseph Brotz: We had such a fun time!!! BENJI was an amazing host / hint giver ☺️☺️ I wanna come back right away!!!

Jessie Otero: What a great time! Staff was super cool. The Dig was probably one of my favourite rooms I’ve ever been in. Nola, our assigned guardian angel was amazing.

Ben Punzel: This first experience was awesome! Our clue master, Nola, was great! She made it very fun and gave very helpful clues. Escape The Room MKE is a strong recommendation for a great escape room experience!

Jordan Hill: Nola was gr8!

NAAAHR Milwaukee: NOLA was amaze-balls!

Liana Perez: This was SO fun!! Highly recommend with a group of friends! This is the perfect group activity

Marianna Sanfilippo: Michael was great!!!

Sophia Dorsey: Nola was an amazing code master!

Stephanie Ruby: Such a great time with the family! Challenging and our cluemaster, Nola, was incredible! Definitely coming here again!

MattSarah Kooikertine: Nola was great support! Had a great time.

nikki York: Nola was great! So fun!!

troy gilmore: Our clue master Daniel had amazing energy today! I would highly recommend visiting any time you have a moment to spare!

Kristie Schnier: Fun 80’s room and CJ was “radical!”

Kimberly Devitt: So much fun. CJ was awesome!!! Thanks for a fun afternoon.

Demetris Green: Benji was an awesome guide! We played the apartment with just two of us and got through. Ahnna took over during the game but was just as awesome! Visited from Detroit but if I come backto Milwaukee, I'd recommend visiting!Great time

2. Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms - Historic Third Ward



· 109 reviews

207 E Buffalo St #312, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms: what do users think?

kate krantz: Had a blast at Save Milwaukee Escape Rooms tonight! We did The Device, and we totally failed! But we laughed and worked together as a family and we all say we'd do it again!! Thanks Save Milwaukee for a super fun night!

Jackie Horning: Fun escape room with very friendly and helpful staff. We celebrated a birthday party with 13 years old who had a great time snd escaped with 2 min to spare! The teamwork really helped save MKE!

Thomas Flath: Clever puzzles, fair price, lots of fun

Tiffany Baker: Definitely kept us entertained for a while hour and even refunded me for one person who didn't show.

Heather Biancuzzo: This place was great - had a group of 11 year olds, they were very patient and tolerant of our noise. Also helped walk them thru the very end when they didn’t make it out. Highly recommend!

susana legorburu: We spend a very nice time with my kids and my friend and her kids. We were 6 all together. Everyone has time and opportunity to engage but we have to work as a team to resolve these very hard clues. We had a lot of fun. We try the "device room" and we are hoping to be back soon to try the other room.

Iñaki Azcueta: It was really fun! It was a great family bonding experience. We managed to save Milwaukee!!!

Kyle Wartenberg: Really enjoyed this escape room! Challenging yet fun, we managed to save Milwaukee!

Susan Wilson: Out of town volleyball team had a great time in this escape room. They were super nice and forgiving that our group was late due to a lost player. Highly recommend.

Chris Sparks: As an Escape Room Owner who has played over 130 rooms, this place was a delight! Some unique puzzles that I hadn't seen elsewhere, and an owner that clearly cares about the art. Played The Device as a party of 1, and escaped with 3 minutes left!

Rebecca Blemberg: , and everyone enjoyed the experience. Good, varied puzzles. We definitely recommend this experience!

Mary Beth Rich: We just left a couple of hours ago but this place deserved a great review, ASAP. Best escape room we have done!

Yaakov Levin: My friends all loved it. Highly recommend this experience!

Rebecca Kalmar: We went with a group of eight. It was such a great activity! We highly suggest this escape room. The codes are challenging but doable. Thank you for this amazing experience!

Jolene Yarian: 9 of us did McSnootys! So happy that I had some great minds in the group since I was pretty much useless. Lol. But, it was a blast! It was a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday and in the middle of it he turned to me and said "this is awesome". Everyone had a fantastic time and we accomplished the mission! The group is hooked and we are going to try the other one next! Challenging and fun.

3. Breakout Games - Milwaukee - Brookfield

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· 3215 reviews

4125 N 124th St Suite F, Brookfield, WI 53005, United States

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Breakout Games - Milwaukee: what do users think?

Xavier S: Boing boing boing

Mary Mayer: Leo was greatBoing

Elizabeth Hawes: Team slay killed it!!!!! We escaped and had so much fun!!! Will definitely be coming back for sure!!!!

Bella Harper: So much fun! What a slay experience! We did the museum heist and it was super cool.

Koen Jaeckel: Great time with team slay

Matt Gallion: We had a great time doing the escape room. It was clean, the staff was friendly and the game was challenging. It is fun for all ages and everyone is welcome. They were very accommodating as I had accidentally booked my room for the following week. The staff acted quickly and got us set up with a different room and quite literally saved the day! Would definitely go back to check out the rest of the rooms.

Raina Rae: Thanks for the fun, Team Slay!

Carly Prust: Team Slay!!

Morgan Stoklosa: #teamslay We broke out of The Kidnapping!

Kirby: SLAY team rules!!

Deborah Nice: Business fun activity

Loriann Wheatley: This was our 1st time. The attendent explained everything well. We had a great time.

Kalyn Myllyla: Had a blast, Auralyn was a great room master! Slay for the win!

Nicole N: Loved it!! Super fun. Go team slay!

4. City 13- Milwaukee’s Premier Escape Room - Oak Creek

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· 335 reviews

6925 S 6th St #500, Oak Creek, WI 53154, United States

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City 13- Milwaukee’s Premier Escape Room: what do users think?

Ben Cardenas: We have done approximately 50 escape rooms and this was none of the best!!

Ka Thao: Went with a group of 12, it was really good and intricate!

Anna Rocha: Had an amazing double date definitely going back again!

Liz Chatterton: and affordable for the fact that they are always private. I just hope the rooms are changed often enough that we can come back more often once we finish doing the hard ones. No other escape room in the area is as affordable, which is what keeps me coming back.

Lauren: so when I saw Kandy Corp being all ages, I couldn’t book it fast enough. We had a BLAST! The perfect family outing. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. BOOK IT! The facility is clean, the staff is incredibly friendly, and the rooms are done phenomenally. Can’t wait to go back!

Tara Wisniewski: . We had a GREAT time. Jake and Nick were great at "advising" and extremely helpful and attentive. They made the experience a lot of fun. A well thought out change of escape rooms and fun to do a longer version. Good idea to take a break in the middle, bring water. The rooms were in good shape and no broken games or pads or locks. Snacks and drinks were available there as well. If you love escape rooms you will love the experience with a longer room. This was our first time there and we were glad we hadn't tried any of the rooms before running the whole facility.

Mary Rafel: Fantastic experience! Definitely made us think and very clever with how everything was executed. Definitely would come back here for another adventure!

Matthew Porcaro: Booked last minute, Escape room was fun and challenging. Was able to complete with just 5 minutes left. Will come again

Carrie Sweeney Goethel: We had a wonderful time going to the Armory. It was our second time ever in an Escape room. Knowing this, the room monitor was attentive and provided the right level of help. We were able to solve with a mere 2 minutes to spare. We'll be back!!!

Andrew Matias: City 13 escape room was a lot of fun! I did not know how we were going to do when it came to this But I’ve learned that it’s a good thing I’m not a crime solver! The escape room was very challenging, and pushed our group to its limits. The environment was so much fun, the staff was extremely friendly, and the overall Experience was top-notch! I would highly recommend everybody visit City 13 Escape Room! You will not be disappointed whatsoever.

Andrew Joyce: We played all the rooms at City 13, bummed our schedule didn't let us play Save the City, but still had a great time. Their Candy Corp room offers a different feel than the typical escape room. Hope we get a chance to make it back out there again!

Beth Peters: We've done many escape rooms as a family, and this was our first time at City 13. My husband, myself, and two teenagers completed the Kandy Corp room. We appreciated how each room had it's own unique puzzle to solve. We plan to return to try a different escape!

Melissa Morquecho: Great place with detailed rooms! We loved it!

Emilia Djordjevic: Great place and an amazing time!

Amanda Elizabeth: BEST Escape Rooms and wonderful staff! So much fun for all ages. The new Kandy Korp addition is great especially for kiddos. Well worth money - great family outing! Gets kiddos critically thinking and builds team work! Love it - will definitely be back! Thanks team at City 13!

Tammy Harmon: We had my sons 30th party here at City 13 and all 11 of us had a great time! We rented the lobby out for a pre party and they were very accommodating with our large group and let us split into 2 groups for escape rooms. Both teams had a fun time and the staff was very friendly and helpful! Will definitely come back and will recommend!

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