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Husch Blackwell LLP Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC Meyer Van Severen, S.C. Gruber Law Offices, LLC Sesini Law Group, S.C. Mastantuono & Coffee SC Layde & Parra S.C. Grieve Law Criminal Defense – Milwaukee, WI Hart Powell, S.C. Karp & Iancu, S.C. Domer Law Grzeca Law Group SC von Briesen & Roper, s.c. Quarles & Brady LLP

1. Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP - East Town

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· 42 reviews

330 E Kilbourn Ave Suite 1170, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States

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2. Husch Blackwell LLP - East Town



· 22 reviews

511 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Husch Blackwell LLP: what do users think?

Mariah Gove: Good group of individuals!

Elizabeth Lorenzi: We worked with Lydia to rewrite our HOA by laws she was great. She even came up to our HOA meeting on a Sunday to handle a Q&A.

Rachael: Very knowledgable and helpful, quick to respond and very easy to work with.

Bruce Heilbrun: I don't care how much you know, until I know how much you care. The Husch Blackwell team is just that, a team of very smart people, who care about their clients, and bring win-win solutions problems, while putting the client first. I am extremely happy with every single interaction I have with Dan, Lydia, and their staff. If you have tried the rest, maybe it's time to try the BEST!

Dan Merritt: A knowledgeable, professional group that goes above and beyond serving their clients. I especially value their online blogs and educational programs.

Joseph Wouters: They have a very strong Condo / Homeowners Association practice. They do a good job of value added invoicing as opposed to nickel and dimeing which is important as many associations find themselves on very tight operating budgets

Kathryn Kesler: Husch Blackwell has always done a great job with details in contracts . Our condominium associations have always been happy with the work H-B has done for them.

3. Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC - Wauwatosa

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· 65 reviews

2675 N Mayfair Rd #610, Milwaukee, WI 53226

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Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC: what do users think?

Greg Bochniak: Professional and effective!

Alex Joestgen: Attorney Alison Krueger and her team are absolutely incredible! Attorney Alison is professional, personable, and results driven. She assisted with my contentious divorce, helping me navigate the legal process as well as giving me sound advice for how to handle the difficult issues of animal custody, cohabitation, and division of property against an opposition and ex-spouse that seemed intent on making the process as difficult as possible. She and her legal assistant Alexis were extremely responsive and prompt, hitting some very challenging deadlines and delivering a final judgement that I was very satisfied with. If you are dealing with any sort of divorce, meditation, or separation, I highly recommend seeking legal assistance and cannot recommend enough hiring Attorney Alison and her team. They will take amazing care of you and the things that are important to you!

Jan Gosetti: Valerie was my attorney for my divorce and I am very happy with the results. Valerie was very compassionate and understanding. I was well informed every step of the way and Valerie and Connie both responded quickly and professionally to any questions I had.

Melissa Garcia: I had a great experience working with Attorney Valerie Asimacopoulos. She is knowledgeable, responsive, and explained all the steps in my case. She has great communication skills and is empathetic. Her expertise and attention to detail gave me confidence. I highly recommend her services.

Taoufik Sekkat: Attorney Krueger was excellent in terms of knowledge of the laws and procedures, communication and organization and legal strategy approach.

Huneypot Carus: Valerie was my attorney and i couldnt be more than happy with her services!! She was informative, attentive and knowledgeable about my case and ensured i was fully informed of everything going on. She kept constant contact and promptly answered any questions or concerns. She made sure to keep up with any updates and checked in with me often. I truly appreciate all her help and i am extremely grateful for the outcome of my case which is in large part to her! She simplified a complicated process and i am eternally grateful!! I recommend her services to anyone and have already to those i know going through this traumatic process!! She is awesome!! Thank you so much Valerie and Connie and the rest of your team!!- K. Carus

Erica Eggert: Alison Krueger was my lawyer for the duration of my divorce proceedings, and she was very professional, helpful, and empathetic throughout the process. She offered guidance and support and responded in a timely manner and truly is a master in this field. I highly recommend Alison and this law firm for representation in a divorce case. Thank you so much for helping me find my happiness and start my new chapter!

Tamara Keith: Valerie & her office did an incredible job handling my specific case, taking the time to hear me out, review all of the information and took the time to discuss with me my options. She went above & beyond to advocate for me, and together, we were able to meet an agreement with the other party in a quick, efficient manner!! Cannot recommend her office enough!!

Jody & Amy Culbertson: We consulted with several attorneys before we found Valerie Asimacopoulus. She provided us with exceptional legal representation. Valerie was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and she worked to ensure the best outcome for our children. She is a credit to her profession as a family law attorney.

Dan Troyer: I want to thank Teri Nelson and her assistant Shelley Uutala for a great job handling the process of my divorce. This has been the hardest challenge of my life and they both were really great to work with. Teri truly does everything she can to help represent you for your best interest. I recommend them if you need legal representation.

Casey Mullins: Valerie did a great job at keeping me informed and making me feel heard. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with her. In the court room she was professional and knew her stuff. I am grateful to have had her and would recommend her to anyone with the same needs I had.

Maria Solano-Solano: Valerie J. Asimacopolos is an amazing, top level, attorney. She made the relocation motion less stressful due to her skills of listening and communication. Since the beginning of the process, she listened to me and paid a lot of attention to the particularities of my case. Therefore, she was able to guide me to present a strong relocation motion which was resolved within few days and without going to mediation or having a Guardian ad Litem. I also admire her compassion and support towards me from the beginning to the end. Now I can move with my son to start a new job and a better opportunity for the both of us. I highly recommend Valerie!

Payton Payton: Valerie was amazing, she talked me through every step of process and any questions I had she was there to answer! Thank you!

Valerie Asakura: I worked with attorney Aislinn M. Penkwitz and my experience with her was absolutely great. Attorney Penkwitz kept me well informed with my case, she answered all my questions very quickly when I emailed and would always take my call if she was not in court or had a client. Attorney Penkwitz made me feel like I was important to her and that she had my back in my court case. I would recommend Nelson, Krueger and Millenbach, LLC and especially Attorney Aislinn Penkwitz.

K: to get what I am asking for in the case. I was a little nervous because she hasn't been practicing that long. She has gone above and beyond my expectations every step of the way. I feel she is worth way more than her hourly rate/retainer fee. She has a way of taking everything you say and beautifully crafting it to effectively present it to the court. She is very thorough in her preparation and presentation for court. She responds to calls and emails in a timely manner and makes sure every step of the way is relayed to me. I feel blessed to have found such a great attorney who clearly loves her job and has a passion of helping people through, what can be, a stressful time.

Tiffany Vanpietersom: Valerie Asimacopoulos was my attorney in a family law case that was very detailed and complicated. I truly appreciated her experience and excellence in her knowledge of the law. She was confident and gave me all options that were afforded to me and help me make some very difficult decisions. She handled herself eloquently and very to the point in court. I felt very well represented by her never had a second thought on her representing me. She always put my needs 1st. Unplanned for senerios pop up in life and she supported me throughout all of them. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends 100%. She's very quick and knowledgeable, I appreciate it her in helping explain Many of the laws to me. But very happy to go down this road again she is the one I want Next to me. I recommend the entire firm. I would also like to mention Connie who was beyond helpful with all of my needs an extremely supportive with any questions or anything that I may have needed.Thank you Valerie and Connie!

Kristin Martinez: I worked with Alison Krueger for my divorce and I can't say enough about how incredible my experience with her was throughout the entire process. She was clear, direct, upfront, organized and most importantly empathetic and compassionate to all I was working through. I knew from day one she had my best interests in mind and was going to be the rock and support I needed from a legal standpoint. I will recommend her to anyone I know who is going through this difficult situation and needs someone they can trust.

4. Meyer Van Severen, S.C. - Historic Third Ward

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· 73 reviews

316 N Milwaukee St UNIT 200, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Meyer Van Severen, S.C.: what do users think?

Gamer Elite: I would give Brain Nelson a five star review he and his firm provided the best representation. handled my case perfectly. was great with communication and timing. I would recommend Brain Nelson and the firm if you need help. Will be in contact if I need help thank you again Brain Nelson

Allison Hood: I would definitely give Ben Van Severen a five star. I retained him for my d.u.i. and I have to say that Ben went above and beyond to help me out. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to hire an attorney. I just retained him out of the blue because I am from Illinois, but that was the best decision I made. Ben got me a fair deal. Ben always showed up to my court dates. And always returned my phone calls. Whenever I called his office, his secretary always got my message through to him promptly. If you needs good attorney, I would for sure give Mr. Van Severen a call.

Joseph Moeller: Ben provided the best possible representation anyone could ever receive. My 4th owi charge was completey dismissed thanks to Ben’s hard work and expertise.

Morris Smith: Attroney Brian Nelsondid his job and more to have me have a peace of mind with my case

James White: Your the best Attorneys I had in a long time thanks so much Brian Nelson.

Mister Wright: Best in the business. Pay him and he gone get you right.

Plant. me: Attorney Conner Helvig helped save my life. If it was not for him and his team. I don’t know where I would be right now. I went from multiple felony charges to misdemeanors and no jail time. His thoughtfulness and consideration was there for me when no one else was.Thank you Conner, I appreciate you.

Oroyal Carter: Matt Last Is beyond amazing. This isnt just any review. He help me during a really dark time in life and words cannot express my level of appreciation.

Myles Standish: but Waukesha is by far the toughest county, your guilty until you can show your innocent. He set that courthouse on fire and we walked out as it burned behind us. My two lawyer team before Ben were happy that they thought after closed door talks I could get 5-8 in prison...It was a complicated white collar thing. But thanks to and only because of Mr. Severen I didn't spend one day in prison.Your getting an all-star, and at the price he set, yes I had to figure it out but do you want to be well off in prison or a free man. Money is easy come, easy go but your time is priceless.Speaking of price, one of the two teamed up lawyers I got had a 40,000 dollar retainer, these weren't phonebook lawyers, I brought Ben onto a case that was already 2 years old. Not only did he start digging and finding leverage within the 1st few days, but he made the other two look like garbage. I think Ben COULD charge that kinda cash, but he doesn't, I don't know how long that statement will be true, but if you can work something out, DO IT, I've had 8 layers in my life, I'm not writing a thing about any of them. Ben is an assassin, when he keeps you out of prison, pay the man what he asks, it's a price that he knows is low and it's on purpose. It allows all of us to have a ninja lawyer, not just the wealthy. He doesn't have to help, he chooses to. Hell he could be the DA lol!!!100% conviction rate lol. And last if you still think someone else is a better hire cuz a friend at work used him one time do yourself a favor, The fact you found Ben is the hardest part. Hiring him is easy. Yes he's married and has a child, but if you think he don't know what a dub is or a grit, or chore boy, what it means to step on something, you are mistaken, he knows that game too, and he don't judge. Ohh and if your judge is a women, He look like Dicaprio lmao. Good luck

Blake Domanico: Emma Guthrie handled my case perfectly. The case was handled in a timely manner and Emma was great with correspondence and communication. I would definitely recommend Emma and her firm. Should I need their assistance in the future, I will definitely give them a call.

The Dominator: The attorney who represented me was Emma Guthrie. She had represented me in the past for a separate matter, but dealing with the same person. Emma might be young but, she is wise beyond her years. She is very detail oriented and thorough with her work. Emma is polite, but she is a straight shooter when she needs to make her point. You cannot go wrong if you choose Emma to represent you. I would recommend her to any family members, or friends for legal council.

Baja Love: He is the best he believe in my husband with his case we felt safe with him didnt have to question his job he was on time always available to answer calls and very professional anybody looking for a good lawyer he would different be it

Violet Heredia: Attorney Matt Last was great! I had just dealt with a previous lawyer who stole my money so I was afraid of things repeating but from day one Matt communicated amazing over the time of my trial I trusted him more and more. I would definitely recommend him!

Chganel Yea: He’s a great guy I like to say first and I wouldn’t wanted anyone else to represent me and I most definitely would recommend him to anyone that I come into contact with who would need a lawyer he takes time out to talk to you and is a really caring person

David Neuswanger: I cannot imagine having hired an attorney to represent my son who would have been more knowledgeable, articulate, responsive, and effective than Atty. Matt Last of the Van Severen Law Office. At every step of a long, stressful, and confusing process, Mr. Last patiently provided clarity and sage counsel that eventually led to a fair disposition of my son's case. Mr. Last was not afraid to tell us what we didn't want to hear, but needed to hear -- acting with the utmost integrity. Anyone seeking to hire a high-quality defense attorney would be hard-pressed to find someone better than Matt Last.

Sonja Wilson: Conner Helvig five stars. Professional, prompt, courteous.

5. Gruber Law Offices, LLC - East Town

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· 708 reviews

100 E Wisconsin Ave #2800, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Gruber Law Offices, LLC: what do users think?

Kelsey Lewandowski: Gruber Law was an absolute delight to work with in light of an unfortunate situation. Kyle Frank, Courtney and Marcus made the process seamless and got to work right away, they even sent flowers after I underwent major surgery. It was a great learning experience on my part, and now I have better insight to the ins and outs and why representation is so important! My “One Call, That’s All” was absolutely worth it. While I hope I never have to encounter another situation like this, I would absolutely use Gruber and Kyle again!

mark knowles: Wonderful, professional service from Nick Herman and Kourtney. Very quick to help in any way and nice to receive get well flowers to plant for the memories. Thank you Gruber Law, great teamwork!

J Coles: Kyle and Kourtney did an excellent job with my case. Being very informative and transparent. Being available every time I had a question. Made sure they got results for my case. Thank you Gruber!-Larry

Adrian Nicolas: They exceeded my expectation the staff is very friendly and extremely helpful and my lawyer was awesome

James Eiland: Very professional and nice

Vamshi Jagidi: Give one call, James will take care that’s all

Kanyla Wren: Conner and colleen was very helpful with my settlement ,from the time of missing work they made sure my settlement covered those days and more for what i missed and thet made sure they kept in contact with updates and etc and i thank them for that ! Thank you guys

Joe Kisley: John and Kelsey are great people they treated me well kept me informed and listened and always asked if I was good with what was going on

Mariah Annalise: They guaranteed me results and exceeded them. I strongly recommend family, friends, or anyone in need of a lawyer for an accident contact Gruber Law Offices. I made the call and spoke my concerns once, gruber took over after that.

john nobles: Very prompt and professional service I would recommend them to anyone

kiara nixon: My attorney Patrick was sooooo helpful when it came to my car accident. He made sure nothing was stressful on my end & he even checked up on me since he knew this was my first car accident. I really appreciated him!

Cam Banks: From the start of my accident James and Cassidy made sure I understood my case and they handled every situation in a timely manner I never felt lost or unknown about the situation

Teak dougy fresh: I got in a accident a year after surgery and bill was able to get me a pretty good settlement. He is also will to help me with my work comp case by getting me to the right lawyer. Will use in future if I need a lawyer

Tiffany B: Attorney James Fields-Bowers - I am truly appreciative of your hard work and dedication to my case. You truly made a negative situation become a positive. I will always be grateful for everything you’ve done. I wish you the absolute best and continued success.Paralegal Casey S. - You are one of the most attentive and thorough individuals I’ve ever met and your efforts from beginning until the end did not go unnoticed. I appreciate you always being available and just being polite.Property Damage Marcus - I’m thankful to have had the BEST PD specialist to help me with my vehicle. Your efforts allowed me to get into a rental as soon as I was physically able to drive and made getting into a new vehicle simple.David, Nancy, & Steve - I just want to say thank you all and I wish your firm the absolute best.TNB

Keith Jay: Very friendly staff very knowledgeable people who will get you the information you’ll need

6. Sesini Law Group, S.C. - Walker's Point

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· 53 reviews

234 W Florida St #203, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Sesini Law Group, S.C.: what do users think?

jeff G: I had several questions for John, even though I didn't hire him, he still was professional and answered all my questions without a contract. John gets right to the point and definitely has the knowledge and experience.Thanks again John for all the advice.

David Aaron EQ: My wife had a legal process done by Sesini Law Group, everyone is very professional and helpful. I will definitely recommend this firm to anyone. They have lots of experience and keep everything smooth and organized.

Harpreet Singh: Very knowledgeable and very help 👍🏼👍🏼

Iliana Herrera-Flores: Bilingual staff

enoch timothy: Mr John Sesini is an amazing attorney he’s very knowledgeable I have known him for 8 years now he made sure my green card process was smooth and he handled all the paper work and he made sure I got my green card in the appropriate time frame.

Marius M: Mr. John Sesini,The Best Lawyer!!!

Sam Aly: that ensured me I have ZERO chance!I was referred to them from a friend of mine, that his case was even more complicated than mine!I met their president

Pacific Doors Windows: Very professional...

Andrew Netter: John’s team was professional and helpful. John always took the time to answer our questions and was empathetic when we had anxiety regarding the process. We would work with John again in the future.

Mark Ratay: John Sesini and his legal team are among the finest to be found anywhere. John is incredibly responsive, kind, and pragmatic. In our experience, he went above and beyond the call of duty to assist us with our adjustment of status case. His team was always kind, responsive, and professional, and they helped take the fear out of the process. We could not recommend John and his team more highly. They are simply the best!

Jeovane Acevedo-Martinez: Their good lawyer's.

7. Sterling Law Offices, S.C. - East Town

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· 158 reviews

250 E Wisconsin Ave #1830, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Sterling Law Offices, S.C.: what do users think?

Jordan Poling: Very knowledge lawyers! They go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met as well as making sure you understand all the steps in the divorce process! I would highly recommended their services.

Patricia Schott: Austin, from Sterling Lawyers was exceptional in concluding my divorce in a professional and courteous manner, within a short period of time. I recommend him highly!

Ralph Fleege: very helpful and patient and when there aren't many options Mr Keenan was very supportive kind patient ad understanding and gave me the best outcome i could hope for-thank you sterling and thank you Mr Keenan

Steven Guadalupe: Good lawyer and staff very fast Will recommend to anyone

Michelle Galiher: . Your expertise and guidance were invaluable in ensuring I understood the process thoroughly.I particularly appreciate your prompt responsiveness, even outside regular working hours. Your dedication to ensuring we met our deadlines did not go unnoticed and was truly commendable.Furthermore, your outgoing and helpful demeanor made the entire experience much more manageable. You patiently addressed all my questions and concerns, providing clarity every step of the way.Thank you once again for your professionalism and support. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of legal guidance.

SMOR3SS Lol: Jack was very professional from the first day I met him. He answered any questions or emails I had very promptly. Having him by my side made me way less stressed out and I felt I could count on him to have my back.! I would fully recommend him!

Ann Clement: Atty Mullin was exceptionally well at supporting both parties during her mediation sessions. I could not ask for better service than what she provided. She truly cared about helping us find the happy medium and helping us to stay out of a trial. Highly recommend.

C W: Attorney Messerschmidt is experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable. She is professional and works through difficult, emotional situations with patience, compassion, and understanding.

Justin Spinato: Attorney Robert helped me through a difficult time. He was thoughtful and considerate as well as thorough with my case. He was also very helpful in moving scheduled meetings around during a death in the family so both parties had time to grieve. I would recommend him to any family or friends who may come up with a similar situation. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication.

fayomi agbongbon: I have never been divorced before and do not plan on doing it again. My lawyer Michele made the whole process so easy and painless. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

davebolter9111: Attorney Keenan is HIGHLY Recommended. He took careful consideration into all my requests, provided strong reliable legal advice and produced a very robust and comprehensive pre-nuptial agreement. Will definitely utilize again if any legal situations arise. AAA+++

stacy Schwab: I would highly recommend Sterling Law firm for any family law needs. Attorney Keenan was very professional, knowledgeable and kind through my entire court process.

Anthony Garcia: Attorney Gatterman did a great job of addressing my needs, and how we could achieve those. She answered all my questions promptly and able to get everything done virtually w/o having to meet each time. Only communication issues were with paralegals not always getting the messages to her. But overall they did great, we achieved the outcome we wanted without going to court.

William Singsheim: Sterling Law Offices, and in particular, Attny Chelsea Gatterman, possess qualities of the highest caliber, to include but not limited to, professionalism, knowledge of the law, attentiveness, accessibility, and responsiveness. That said, however, the quality that stood out among their many qualities was their "compassion". My legal situation came with a great deal of additional, personal hardships, both mentally and physically. Chelsea and her team of professionals exhibited extreme patience and flexibility in order to adapt to my personal circumstances. They put me at ease when things became too stressful and always made me feel that I made the right choice in choosing Sterling Law Offices to represent me. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a great family law firm. THANK YOU Chelsea and team!

eric abdella: I was extremely happy with the representation I received. The communication was prompt and efficient. In the time of stress that is very important.

mohannad kadhom: I would like to thank Sterling Law Office and a special thanks to the attorney that helped me, Latrice Knighton for the hard work she did. She explained and clarified all the steps, and cleared up the mess of a case made by my previous attorney. And helped me get back on track, she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend people to work with her.

8. Mastantuono & Coffee SC - Historic Third Ward

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Not verified
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· 43 reviews

219 N Milwaukee St Suite 520, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Mastantuono & Coffee SC: what do users think?

Danny J: Craig Mastantuono. The best lawyer you can hire. Very understanding and informing. Went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything that was going on, any questions asked he answered. Very professional, honest, and does amazing work. Do not hesitate to hire him. He has connections in Milwaukee County & Waukesha County. Will get you the best outcome possible no matter the circumstances, will fight for you to the end. Back against the wall and he did not disappoint! I’d recommend Craig to anyone!Thank you for everything Craig!

Tim: Great lawyer! He helped a family friend with a drug case. I believe he got the best possible outcome you could wish for and recovered alot of his money back. I would recommend him every time.

Sue Wierman: Leah Thomas- AMAZING Best lawyer ever. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her. Leah and her team worked on a case for a relative of mine. She was professional, compassionate, and straightforward. She made an awful situation bearable, made no promises and in the end was able to have all charges dropped. Throughout the whole process she communicated with us and made sure we understood everything. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent lawyer.

Atrice Mata: Best in Wisconsin

Jermaine Reed: I am forever indebted to the team at Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas. My son was in an extremely bad situation and things initially were not looking too promising. He was a person who had no major run-ins with the law. However, as a result of poor decision-making, he found himself being charged with multiple felonies and facing close to a decade in prison. After his initial arrest, I knew that he would need a top-tier criminal defense attorney to ensure that he'd receive due process of law while under the least restrictive conditions during his legal proceedings. Attorney Craig Mastantuono was professional, competent, strategic, responsive, and affordable! As a result of his skilled work, my son was allowed to choose which one of the three felonies he would plea to, all other felonious counts were dismissed and read-in to the plea. The Judge imposed a prison sentence of 38 months, divided between 14 months of initial incarceration and 24 months of extended supervision, but stayed the imposition of sentence for two years of probation with very reasonable conditions. In addition, his 20 days jail/Huber was also stayed. Lastly, the court record contains a promise from the State to revisit his felony conviction after five years to restore him to a non-felony status.My son broke the law. It was only fair to the victim and society that he should be held accountable for his actions. If it were not for attorney Craig Mastantuono and his dynamic team, I believe my son's legal battle would have ended in him being overly prosecuted. In this case, justice was served and the victim and offender were both pleased with the outcome. An added bonus is that Mastantuono Coffee and Thomas's work saved taxpayers between $675,000 to $1.8 million. Attorney Craig Mastantuono's criminal defense is simply unparalleled. If you or your family are ever in a similar situation, he is your best option.Jermaine

Eriberto Echeverria: I spoke with an attorney and He was very helpful with my case. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend this law firm.

Tanisha Luttrell: I want to start off by thanking my attorney Claude-Allan Milhomme he did his job from beginning to end and I received great results. The office is fully equipped no running around needed. I would highly recommend anyone in their office they are very understanding and respectful and get the job done. If your in need of a great attorney don't hesitate to call keep up the good work MC&T Law

Carla Jones: I was wrongfully charged of a felony in Racine County, and Leah Thomas fought for me from beginning to end. Leah is transparent, intelligent, and extremely motivated as a defense lawyer. She is also respectful, considerate, and sincere. Through the entire years long process, Leah never waivered in her genuine openness and willingness to educate me on everything that was happening. While we entrust our representation to keep our best interests in the forefront, I believe it's also important to know the process... and to be as involved as possible when your reputation and record is on the line. Leah was always willing to educate me & keep me in the loop of possibilities and outcomes. The motions Leah filed were always well written & thorough. I truly appreciate her efforts and would absolutely recommend Leah for representation to anyone. Thank you so much.

Jc C: I cannot say enough about the representation I received from Rebecca she literally saved my life. Facing 3 felonies and an enhancement charge facing 40+ years in Waukesha prison she got me 2 years probation which is a miracle in my opinion. She was very detailed kept me calm throughout the entire process and most importantly she knew what the hell she was talking about and showed it by her actions. There is no other lawyer in the state better in my opinion I watched her save my older brother life in 2016 so I already knew what she was capable of. Whatever amount she is asking for I promise you it will be worth every penny. I cannot thank her enough for my outcome

Mike B: Craig went above and beyond what was asked of him. A true for professional, with infinite knowledge of the law. He is the type of lawyer you want in your corner for any criminal situation.

Michael Adams: Best attorneys in the state! Craig and Leah took on my criminal case after false allegations were made against me. They both took my case very seriously and put in a great deal of effort to cover every detail. I felt they went the extra mile to prepare the case and they did a great job communicating with me throughout the process. Their efforts ultimately led to the case being dismissed a week prior to going to jury trial.It is a terrifying circumstance to be charged with a crime When you are an innocent person. I could never truly express the anxiety and fear I experienced at moments. That said, Craig and Leah made me feel confident that they would prove my innocence and they did just that.

Marianne McDermott: Rebecca was highly recommended to me for a potential legal issue that thankfully never transpired. She was knowledgeable, easy to talk too, prompt and followed through with what she said she would. On top of that she seemed happy to help without me having to actually retain her services. Based on our short interaction, I can see her compassion for her clients and the love she has for helping people. Great experience.

Timothy Frey: I am a business professional and ran into an issue with the city of Milwaukee. I am very impressed with this law firm as well as attorney Rebecca M. Coffee. I had reached out to other lawyers and never even got a call back. I submitted the request and they communicated with me the following day and set up the discovery phone call. They were very easy to communicate with and treated me with the utmost respect. Rebecca was able to reach out to the prosecutor and find an alternative solution to the issue. This would not have been available without her knowledge, connections, and follow through. I am very satisfied with my outcome and will refer anyone i know to this law firm. Professional, honest, communicated well and has the connections to get things accomplished. Highly recommend!

Morgan Fillmore: Attorney Thomas was absolutely wonderful throughout my case. She explained everything to me, and kept me informed through the entirety of my case. She was kind, understanding, organized, and was overall excellent. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer. I always looked forward to speaking with her. She made a usually negative experience into a positive one, and she was overall absolutely excellent.

Jennifer salkeld: Craig and his team helped my loved one so much it’s very much appreciated

Tanya Marotta: One of the best attorneys around!!! Craig helped me out back in the early 90’s when I wouldn’t listen to know one. Thank you Craig!!! Your the best.

Revka Iwinski: . I needed an attorney, did a search and happened upon her firm, and got a good feeling so I sent a message and met with her. TOTALLY a life changing move! 😊 then, just recently, I needed an attorney again

9. Crivello Carlson, S.C. - Westown

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· 7 reviews

710 N Plankinton Ave # 500, Milwaukee, WI 53203

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10. Layde & Parra S.C. - Walker's Point

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· 27 reviews

317 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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11. Grieve Law Criminal Defense – Milwaukee, WI - Lower East Side

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· 378 reviews

1661 N Water St #406, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Grieve Law Criminal Defense – Milwaukee, WI: what do users think?

Madder Still: Only spoke with Eric Habich for a brief consultation, but absolutely will be calling if the need for further legal counsel arises. Very knowledgeable, down-to-earth, answered all of my questions and put me at ease, and quite promptly! Called me back within an hour of my request online. Overall great experience.

Ron “Preacher” Clutter: I had a question about concealed carry for our church. Mr. Grieve spent approximately 10 minutes and answered every question that I had. He was very kind, courteous, and complete in his answers. Thank you, sir!

R Erhart: Thank You for your knowledge and forward explanations.

Chris Chumley: I am a USCCA member and I have learned alot from this man just watching his videos from the USCCA

Robin Qualmann: Small campground, but we like most of the sites. I have hooked the trails here a LOT, and I love it.

Terry Faulkner: Watching you on USCCA, and I appreciate your advice and knowledge. Any one you know in Rockford Illinois to talk to about self defense representation if ever needed? Thanks in advance.

curt otero: I needed some help with articulating a polished professional letter and Tom went over and beyond what I was asking for. This letter is going to a Governor for 2nd Amendment rights. I couldn't be happier with his help and the finished product!! Thanks again Tom!!

Michael Shepard: Answered all my questions. Extremely thorough and brutally honest.

Emmanuel Moulton: Really helpful

12. Laura Fernandez Immigration Law - West Milwaukee

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· 36 reviews

3920 W National Ave, West Milwaukee, WI 53215

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Laura Fernandez Immigration Law: what do users think?

ofelia luvianos: My husband arranged for marriage 3 days ago. Lawyer Laura Fernández helped with the entire procedure even when he left for Juárez. We didn't know what the process would be like but Laura Fernández guided us and the process was quick. Language was not a problem because the lawyer and team speak Spanish. Always very friendly and answers all our questions and I felt confident to ask anything. Sometimes other people confuse us but my husband and I had the confidence to ask the lawyer. I recommend her 100%, very professional. Always pending everything. Even in Juárez, other people were not as prepared as we were because our lawyer has the experience and knowledge that other lawyers do not. Very happy to choose it. We had peace of mind at all times. Thank you very much lawyers Fernández, Chadwickand Crouse.

Yuniet Quintana: Son muy profesionales en su trabajo, con gran dominio del idioma español y del tema cubanos, ajeno para otros abogados, son muy educados y pacientes ante nuestras dudas y preocupaciones. Gracias al abogado Theodore y a su equipo de trabajo hoy tenemos nuestra residencia permanente. Mi familia y yo le agradecemos por siempre. Los recomiendo mucho.

Michael Shane: I love to go to GameStop on my days off or whenever I have a day to go and see what hot games they have for my Xbox series x

Jose Renteria: Whenever I have the opportunity, I will recommend the services of attorney Laura Fernandez, thanks to her service and experience I was able to obtain my green card. She kept me informed throughout the entire process, even when I went to my interview she was on top of everything. Thanks a lot.

julio cesar montano: I've been working with Laura for over 10 years now. Laura and her are really nice.And have helped me on different cases now. On my first case, I seen other lawyers and none was able to help me except Laura and her team. And she has helped me on other cases that I wasn't aware I could apply for. Thanks to Laura and her team I'm very pleased with them.

Consuelo Martinez: Мы с мужем поговорили с несколькими адвокатами, и все они отклонили мое дело. Адвокаты сказали мне, что мое дело слишком сложное и что я не смогу получить вид на жительство. Когда у нас была первичная консультация, Лаура заверила нас, что наше дело будет успешным, указала сроки рассмотрения нашего дела, и мы установили план платежей. С течением времени он профессионально отвечал на наши вопросы и проблемы. Ваша команда проделала исключительную и профессиональную работу, помогая нам. Мое дело завершилось успехом! То, что другие юристы называли невозможным, Бог сделал возможным, используя Лору Фернандес Лоу и ее невероятную команду. Я рекомендую всем, кто нуждается в иммиграционных услугах, обратиться за консультацией в иммиграционную службу Лауры Фернандес.Спасибо Лоре и ее команде!Мы с мужем поговорили с несколькими адвокатами, и все они отклонили мое дело. Адвокаты говорили нам, что мое дело слишком сложное и что я не смогу получить вид на жительство. Когда у нас была первичная консультация, Лаура заверила нас, что наше дело будет успешным, она дала нам график процесса по нашему делу и установила план платежей. С течением времени она профессионально отвечала на наши вопросы и проблемы. Ее команда проделала исключительную и профессиональную работу, помогая нам. Мое дело завершилось успехом! То, что другие адвокаты называли невозможным, Бог сделал возможным, используя Лору Фернандес Лоу и ее замечательную команду. Я рекомендую всем, кто нуждается в иммиграционных услугах, обратиться за консультацией в иммиграционную службу Лауры Фернандес.Спасибо Лоре и ее команде!

Rachel Vega: Лаура помогла моему мужу в иммиграционном деле, когда все остальные думали, что дело безнадежно, в 2015 году. Она позволила мне производить платежи, как я могла, она была настоящим ангелом. Я никогда не забуду ту огромную работу, которую она проделала для нашей семьи.

Victoria Sweeney: отнеслись к моему делу со всей серьезностью и вниманием, было отправлено много электронных писем, она очень тщательно запросила документы и моя грин-карта была одобрена в рекордно короткие сроки. На все мои вопросы были даны ответы, и с ними мне было так спокойно. Я ясно понимал, для чего нужен каждый документ, который я отправлял, и почему он был отправлен. Очень профессиональное обслуживание, я буду петь им дифирамбы и рекомендовать их всем.

Claudia Z.: Лаура помогла мне и моему мужу получить грин-карту. Она всегда отвечала на электронные письма своевременно и всегда была готова ответить на любые вопросы! Она сделала стрессовый процесс таким легким. Я бы порекомендовал ее всем и каждому в иммиграционных делах!

Nubia Cruz: Я хотел бы поблагодарить адвоката Лору Фернандес и ее помощников юристов за всю огромную работу, которую они проделали для меня и моей семьи. Атти Лаура помогла большей части моей семьи. Я всегда буду обращаться к ней, потому что она дала мне лучший совет, а также очень отзывчива и внимательна, помогла мне с отказами, ответила на все мои вопросы, была очень вежлива и отзывчива. В этой юридической фирме чувствуешь себя как дома. Благодаря им я могу работать в любимом месте и обеспечивать своих детей. Определенно рекомендую ее фирму всем. Вы не будете сожалеть об этом! Спасибо всем за отличный опыт!

13. Hart Powell, S.C. - East Town

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· 31 reviews

735 N Water St #1212, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Hart Powell, S.C.: what do users think?

Bob Jones: Bir OWI ile uğraşmak benim için keşfedilmemiş bir bölgeydi. Bu bağlamda hukuki temsil açısından ne aranması gerektiğini belirlemek zordu. Bir aile üyem Hart Powell'ı önerdi ve ben de bu tavsiyeye uyduğum için çok mutluyum. Sürece derinlemesine dahil olana kadar temsilinizin gerçekte ne kadar etkili olduğunu görmek zorlu bir iştir. Bu konuyla kendileri ilgilenen başkalarıyla konuştuğumda, aldığım bilgili ve profesyonel desteğin olağanüstü olduğunu görmek kolaydır. Avukat Minter en çok ihtiyaç duyduğum bir zamanda duyarlı ve destekleyici oldu.

Jason Lee: Craig Powell benim için harika bir iş çıkardı! 22 yıl öncesine ait birkaç eski arama iznim vardı. Bölge Savcısı ofisi ile çalışabildi ve sonuçlar sadece basit bir sonuçtu. Sonuçlar umduğumdan daha iyi oldu! Nazik, profesyonel ve hızlı hareket ediyordu. Şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum!

Bryan Nelson: Morgan Minter hakkında ne söylesem az, çok çalışkan, iyi kalpli bir insan. Oğlumu çok zor bir durumdan kurtardıktan sonra hala onu kontrol etmeye devam ediyor ve ilk günden bu yana bu davaya ne kadar bağlı olduğunu gösteriyor. Profesyonelliği ve özverisi nedeniyle mahkeme ve savcılarla harika ilişkileri var. İmkansızı başardığın ve oğluma ikinci bir şans verdiğin için tekrar teşekkür ederim Morgan

Foxy 262: Morgan Minter, hayatının en zor döneminde oğlum için elinden gelenin fazlasını yaptı. Durumunun ciddiyeti nedeniyle bakış açısı pek iyi değildi ama Morgan onun için kesinlikle en iyi sonucu aldı ve bunun için ona çok şey borçluyuz. Çok profesyoneldi ve tüm bilgiler konusunda her zaman çok açık sözlüydü. Bize kendimizi çok güvende hissettirdi ve her adımda iyi destek verdi. Yolun her adımında elde ettiğimiz sonuçtan ve iletişimden daha mutlu olamazdım. Çağrılarımıza cevap verme veya onları yeniden ayarlama konusunda çok hızlı. Umarım onu ​​bir daha görmek zorunda kalmayız ama bir daha yardıma ihtiyacımız olursa kesinlikle Morgan'la iletişime geçeceğiz.

Frankie Evans: Talihsiz ve zor bir durumdan kurtulmama yardım ettiği için Morgan Minter'a teşekkür etmek istiyorum. Bilgisi, Profesyonelliği, kendini adaması ve en önemlisi Savcılar ve Hakimlerle olan iyi çalışma ilişkisi, İyi bir Avukatın işaretidir. Tekrar teşekkür ederim Morgan!

Cornell Scales: Herkes benden vazgeçtiğinde ve her şey karanlık göründüğünde Craig Powell benimle aile gibi ilgilendi ve davanın reddedilmesini sağladı. Şiddetle tavsiye edildi ve saygı duyuldu. 10/10

Solo A: were more than they could handle. Because of Kohler & Hart's expertise in the Criminal Justice System they were able to get a lot of evidence suppressed which ultimately helped my father down to a plea of 7 years, 4 in and 3 out, when he was facing over 30 years in prison to start. It was a master class of navigating through the system. Fast forward almost 35 years, I am the proud father of three sons. My oldest became a firefighter, and my middle and youngest both followed in his footsteps. In 2020 my oldest son was put in a position where he had to defend his life and, tragically, another soul lost theirs. My son was charged with homicide and, needing a lawyer for my son, I attempted to contact Marty hoping he was still practicing law. Sadly I was informed that he was now retired. So after reaching out to a friend I was told to contact Michael Hart. I called Mr. Harts office and scheduled a meeting with him the following business day. When my wife and I walked into the office, we knew you were walking into a serious law firm. I noticed some names on the wall. The names read Martin Kohler, Michael Hart, Craig Powell. I was immediately in shock because what where the odds of this being the Marty Kohler who helped my dad all those years ago. After speaking with Mr. Hart, I asked if Marty Kohler was still practicing law and he informed me that Marty was now retired. So I asked Mr. Hart if he knew of my father's case. He asked my father's name and once I told him who my father was, he immediately repeated the address of my childhood home. I just started crying because Mr. Hart was my father's co-counsel. It was at that moment I knew my son was in the best hands and we hired the Hart Powell S.C. Law firm to represent my son. Through this process Mr. Hart and his team treated us with the utmost respect. They were honest and straightforward with their professional opinions, never once promising us anything but assured us to trust the process. They were going to fight for my son as hard as they fought for my father. Mr. Hart was able to get my son's bail reduce to a reasonable number and ultimately to get a jury of my son's peers to find him not guilty on all charges by reason of self-defense. I cannot thank this man enough. He truly is a blessing and more important a master at his craft. In the event you find yourself in a situation that requires a real-life super-hero legal team you have no need to look any further.

Michael: I've interacted with both Michael Hart and Craig Powell for my legal cases, but I mostly dealt with Craig. I was facing almost 6 years for my revocation plus a separate class B felony in criminal court which carries up to 60 years. This was all over a proven false allegation made by someone close to me. Craig helped me win my revocation and get my criminal charge dismissed. Michael and Craig are two of the most intelligent lawyers I've ever met and they genuinely care about your situation. Thank you guys so much, y'all saved my life.-M.P.

Patricia Bradford: Mike Hart has a commanding presence in the courtroom. When he walks in, people notice. When he speaks, people listen.

Jennifer Kern: Michael Hart takes the time to listen and provide the professional guidance you need. His dedication, support and expertise make him an outstanding attorney and one you want on your side.

Patrick a: Attorney Michael Hart, is a person who is there to help when you need it the most. This past summer I worked with Mr. Hart and the experience was nothing short of perfect. He was able to assure me that he would do everything in his power to defend me and the results don't lie! Attorney Michael Hart is truly a life-saver and his services are worth every penny.

Chris Mcgauran: Attorney Michael Hart has not only been a friend of mine for years now but is also someone I can count on with anything. He is an honest, upfront man and the only one you could ever want to represent you. It’s no question there is no other attorney you would ever want on your side!

Paul Engstrom: I've worked with Craig Powell on 2 cases. Both achieved a better than expected outcome but what really stuck out to me was that after I was incarcerated, Craig remained engaged with my case and secured an earlier than expected release date for me when he could have very easily ignored and moved on to the next. For this reason he was the first person I called next time I needed an attorney. The case was recently resolved and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

14. Karp & Iancu, S.C. - Wauwatosa

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· 165 reviews

933 N Mayfair Rd Suite 300, Milwaukee, WI 53226

Address Website WhatsApp
Karp & Iancu, S.C.: what do users think?

Joshua Moe: Atty Livingston helped negotiate a higher severance and ensured a mutual separation in my employment dispute. He was up front and honest with me regarding the situation and helped navigate through the process.

Carolyn Horvat: I didn't know what to expect. Everyone was so kind helping me navigate through my process. My attorney would routinely check in with me. I felt very comfortable with them.

Robyn LeFlore: Definitely the lawyer to choose. Tough and fair. He had my back through thick and thin during this very stressful lawsuit. Attorney Maxwell Livingston will not give up!

Ashley Ploch: This is my second time working with Karp & Iancu, S.C., specifically with Maura Falk, and I couldn't be more grateful and pleased with the outcomes. Previously, I had a dismal experience with a lawyer from Sterling Law Office, feeling like just a paycheck with no communication, clarity, or support.After parting ways with that attorney, I discovered Karp & Iancu, S.C. through word of mouth, and upon meeting Maura Falk, I was immediately impressed. Maura's approach was the opposite of my previous experience; she's incredibly efficient, communicates clearly, treats me with respect and care, and is highly professional and organized. Unlike before, I felt valued and understood, not just a client. My experience with Maura has left me feeling safer, more empowered, and confident in my legal matters.I can't thank her enough for her exceptional support, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of a family law attorney. Thank you, Maura, for your outstanding work - you're truly invaluable.

Austin Torstenson: Attorney Vicky Oleniczak and her paralegal were great to work with through my recent divorce. They communicated well and kept me informed throughout the whole process. They really made it go as smoothly as possible.

Cael 13: Karp & Iancu really know what they are doing. As a father facing a custody battle I was very concerned but I ended up with majority custody. Max and team knocked it out of the park and I would recommend them to anyone.

Alaina Bertsch: Erin was absolutely amazing, she was able to help us reach an agreement and keep us on track when things got sidetracked. I am very happy to have worked with her

Bill Stier: Maura was great at explaining what was going on and what was going to be happening in the upcoming days leading to trial. 100% would recommend her and this firm to anyone who is looking for a family lawyer.

Becky Donovan: I would recommend Karp & Iancu, S.C.My personal experience, with their help, made navigating my divorce process a fairly smooth one.

P.P: Attorney Lauren Smith gave precise, knowledgeable, professional insight on my case, how it can work in my favor, and what to do next. She listened! She was thoughtful and caring. And sincerely appeared to want the best outcome for me and my child. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ATTORNEY AND LAW FIRM!

Jesse: When you purchase a home, you should use an established real estate company.They are experts at these types of transactions and make an otherwise frightening experience, quite manageable.Likewise, if you want expertise in this transaction, and you do, and you want a fair price, and you do, I recommend Karp & Iancu, S.C.

Pat Dean: Evan M. was a great source for advice on filing my case and answering questions through the process. Much thanks for the help.

David Melaven: Lisa Martin is outstanding at her profession and I can't say enough at how well she handled my divorce case. I went from uncontrollable panic attacks to complete ease when Lisa was assigned my case. Like she told me, we're not messing around here, you just have to cut the snakes head off immediately. She did and I'm delighted with the results. I'm laughing now, is that too brutally honest.Anyways, thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Leanne Gerry: Firm was fantastic to deal with. Fair, quick, very professional representation. Dealing with Atty. Erin Boyd was awesome. She is very knowlegable and she takes the time to understand your situation. She then works to ensure the best possible outcome. I am happy with my experience.

Amber P: Very helpful in resolving our child custody case.

Alija S: I can’t recommend Kathryn and the Karp & Iancu law firm highly enough! From the moment I reached out, they provided exceptional service and support. Kathryn’s expertise and dedication were evident throughout the entire legal process, and she always kept me informed and reassured. The entire team at Karp & Iancu was professional, responsive, and truly cared about my case. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, I achieved a favorable outcome. If you’re in need of a reliable and trustworthy family lawyer, look no further than Kathryn and Karp & Iancu!

Eleanor Cammarano: Lauren was an incredible resource to me while I was navigating my divorce and handled it for me in a professional and speedy fashion. Divorce is stressful, but I am so happy I hired Lauren, as she really made the process so much easier on me. I cannot recommend her enough, she works at a top firm for a reason and really brings the skill and personality that earns her place there!

Jason Naumann: I contact Karp & Iancu for a consultation regarding family law. My consulting attorney David provided a very thorough and easy to understand explanation about how family law applies to my situation. Based on my experience I would recommend.

15. Murphy & Prachthauser, S.C. - East Town

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Not verified
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· 29 reviews

330 E Kilbourn Ave #1200, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Murphy & Prachthauser, S.C.: what do users think?

Mario: and were successful in this case. I am grateful of not only the result but also the guidance they offered in other aspects of life.They are great lawyers but even better people.If I could give 10 stars to Thadd, Kate and their entire team I would not hesitate to do so.

Evan Miller: Extremely knowledgeable, meticulous, and prepared. On top of that, just really good people. Appreciated them all-Thadd, Kate, Lanette, Mark, and so on.I would highly recommend if you are pursuing an injury lawsuit. Their commitment was unwavering throughout the pandemic and will always recall my time with them positively. Don’t look any further!

Diane Bernier: My experience with Thadd Llaurado and his team was truly five star. They were very kind and professional. I would highly recommend Thadd and his team. It was reassuring to have them in my corner. Thank you again.

Matt Leipolt: When I first approached Keith with my case, it was apparent that it posed significant challenges and complexities. However, from the outset, Keith demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping me navigate through this difficult time.The level of professionalism, dedication, and expertise exhibited by Keith, Thadd and their staff was truly impressive. They meticulously analyzed every aspect of the case, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of closure on my behalf. Moreover, they kept me informed at every stage, ensuring that I understood the legal proceedings and offering reassurance during what was undoubtedly a stressful period for me.It is with immense gratitude that I share the favorable outcome their law firm achieved for me. Their hard work and strategic approach undoubtedly played a pivotal role in securing this positive resolution.I cannot thank them enough for the positive impact the firm has had on my life. Their unwavering support and relentless efforts have made a significant difference, and I will forever be grateful for the outcome they have secured on my behalf.I express my heartfelt appreciation to each member of their team involved in my case. Their dedication and exceptional skills have made a lasting impression on me, and I will undoubtedly recommend their firm to anyone seeking reliable and effective legal representation.Once again, thank you for your outstanding services. I wish Keith, Thadd, and M&P law firm continued success and prosperity in all of their endeavors.Matt Leipolt

Danielle Lee: This law firm is AMAZING! They care about you, and care about how an accident has impacted your life with compassion. Their whole team is professional and dedicated to getting you what you deserve. It was a great experience working with Keith, Thad, and Lanette.

Linda McBride: I was involved in a bad accident on the freeway and aside from being injured, dazed and confused, I didn't know what to do. Fortunately my husband had heard an ad on the radio for Murphy & Prachthauser and we contacted them and what a blessing it was that we were led to them. From the initial phone call, to the first meeting with Michelle, we knew that we made the right decision contacting them. They work as a team and ensure that they do their due diligence to ensure that their clients will receive fair compensation for their injuries, etc. Michelle, Don and Thadd were wonderful to work with and Michelle truly went above and beyond. Whenever I called or emailed, my questions were answered promptly. I was never made to feel like I was a bother or imposition, it was the exact opposite with care and concern and it felt like being a member of a caring family. If you're involved in an accident or injured, you will want to call this law firm first. There are many others out there that sound really good but don't deliver. From my personal experience, you will not be disappointed with Murphy and Prachthauser.

Stephanie Riley: Really happy with this company. Glad we hired them.

Maddie Dahlke: From the start of my phone call they were incredible! The whole team is professional and compassionate , they explained every process step by step to me. I could reach out at any time with questions and heard a response back promptly. They truly care about helping their clients and helping you receive a good outcome. I called many law firms and no one wanted to hear my story until I called Murphy & Prachthauser. From the first minutes of talking with them on the phone I knew they truly care. Thank you so much to Thadd, Kate, Keith and the entire team . I would highly recommend Murphy & Prachthauser Law Firm , they helped me and they can help you too!

Paige Smith: emails. I knew throughout the whole process that she always had my best interest in mind and trusted her 100%. She is very knowledgable and will work hard to get you what you deserve!Thank you so much Michelle! I will be forever grateful for everything you did for me!Paige

K F: Professional, knowledgeable, effective.Keith Stachowiak took care of all the legal matters after my injury, and I was able to focus completely on my recovery and health.He negotiated a much better settlement than I could have ever done on my own.His assistant Kelly was attentive and efficient whenever I had questions.My injury was more than physical, it was also a financial blow. The excellent legal representation I received from Murphy and Prachthauser was a vital part of my recovery.

Allison Edwards: I had the pleasure of working with Keith Stachowiak regarding my case. He answered every question and concern along the way.I am very pleased with Murphy & Prachthauser all together as a law firm.

Laura Wozniak: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueI never wanted to need a lawyer, but when I did, I was blown away by the compassion and dedication shown by Don, Michelle, and their team. They are very easy to work with and very good at what they do.

Margaret Mick: Positive:Professionalism

Dita Rudi: I worked with attorney Keith Stachowiak, and his team. Everyone was very helpful. I was updated about my case promptly whenever there was any developments.Though my accident case took a long time to resolve, Mr.Stachowiak was present every step of the way.I would highly recommend his team if you're looking for an attorney.

William Fritz: One of the best decisions I have ever made was to engage Murphy & Prachthauser. I interviewed a number of firms and they stood out in that process. The people there are authentic, competent and assertive in pursuing your interests, Don Prachthauser and Michelle Hockers were with me every step of the way. Both were thoughtful, steadfast and tenacious when need be while always keeping me informed. The representation I received was stellar and I would strongly encourage anyone to consider these professionals.

Betsy Vander Heiden: Positive:Professionalism,ResponsivenessMark Baus was extremely knowledgeable and helpful as we navigated a personal injury claim and settlement. He answered every question we had thoroughly and quickly. We were grateful for his expertise!

Scott V: Positive:ProfessionalismHaving never worked with an attorney before, we were a little nervous. Mark Baus was extremely helpful and more than we could've hoped for. We found him to be very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. He answered all our questions, provided sound advice and followed up to ensure we were totally satisfied. Highly recommend!

Brenda Walczak: while bringing in a team of experts in medicine and physical fitness/training to determine that my case was indeed legitimate. I was kept updated at all times throughout the process. I felt that I always had a sounding board. I would highly recommend Keith and his team, affiliated with Murphy & Prachthauser, S.C. to anyone seeking an advocate for justice.

Nancy Leder: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessI felt comfortable sharing about my accident. Lawyers were patient with talking with me while I was in rehab. This gave me a feeling of confidence in your firm. Thank you

16. Domer Law - Shorewood

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· 107 reviews

3970 N Oakland Ave UNIT 201, Milwaukee, WI 53211, United States

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Domer Law: what do users think?

Andresleon porsiempre: I am very grateful that they helped me resolve my case. Lawyer Brandon and his assistant Christina were very professional and very attentive people. I highly recommend this law firm.

joe s: Best lawyers in the world 🌎

Elijah Tenhove: Best Attorney Ever!!! He’ll work hard to get the job done that’s for sure!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Joshua Merrigan: Amazing attorneys! These guys work very hard for you!! Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Highly recommend hiring them!!

Shakeya Rogers: The Best Domer Law was the best experience i ever had you have to go with them give them 5 stars 🌟

Wood Carver: If you’re looking for the right Attorney to represent you, then look no further than Domer Law. I was in an extremely difficult situation and needed a Lawyer to handle my case. I couldn’t believe how quickly Charlie Domer responded and represented me in the most professional, and truly caring manner! This is a Great Man who knows how to take care of business and make sure that you are fully compensated, so that you can feel some relief from a time consuming process. He got me answers with a quickness unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for making the right decision to hire him. So make the right decision and hire Charlie Domer at Domer Law. A Man who gets things done for you because he cares!

Patrick Griffith: Charlie worked endlessly through all the hoops to get most for my family and I. His number one priority throughout my workman's comp case was what was going to be the most beneficial for me. Highly recommend. Made an unpleasant experience hassle free and helped to relieve some of the stress. Thank you Charlie.

Deetra Staten: I am so pleased with my service at Domer Law. They gave me hope and they were right they handled my case very well . I definitely will refer all my friends and family who in need of a good attorney.. I'm very satisfied

Elcaroad: Kept in touch with me every step of the way. If anything change he would call

Nicole Glatz: Charlie is very professional and sticks to the facts. He listens and asks all the appropriate questions and made our entire situation feel like a breeze. He also was quick to respond and keep us informed every step of the way. Highly recommend!!

Dyan Ramos: Worked with Attorney Brandon Brown who was very professional and explained everything in a manner l could fully understand. Kept me posted on every detail. Very happy with out come of my case. Thank you.!

Grace Breunig: Mr. Brown was professional and compassionate. His willingness to always be available for me meant so much. He kept me informed every step of the way and made sure that I understood every aspect of my case. He stood up for me and delivered his promise to help me. I made the right choice and I’m can’t begin to thank him enough.Grace B.

Robert Kittel: Mr. Domer fought an up hill battle with my case from the beginning. To make a long story short, he won!!!!!I walked away from my case smelling like a rose!Robert R Kittel

Jackie Durst: Best layer happens to be Charlie get results instantly

Tom Speck: Brandon's the Best lawyer I ever had. He's all about busines, he doesnt play no games. u wanna win u want Domer law

isaac redd: Dear Attorney Sam Liverseed, I am writing to thank you and your entire law firm for all your hard work and dedication throughout my wife worker compensation case. When my wife got injured at work, we were not sure where to turn for a professional law firm. There are too many law firms to make a decision. We finally settled for Domer Law, and we got the best result. Attorney Sam Liverseed, understood how we felt, and he took our case very serious. I will recommend any injured worker to Domer Law. They will work for you! Thank you for all you do, Domer Law!Isaac R, Oregon, WI

Shari Figg: When I walked through the door at Domer Law, I truly felt lost and defeated. Charlie made me feel at ease, and that I had someone in my corner from the first meeting. I was updated every step of the way, and all my questions were always answered. The patience, understanding, and knowledge of Charlie and his entire staff are amazing. They succeeded in getting me a settlement that will allow me to get my life back on track. I would highly, highly recommend Domer Law to anyone facing a work comp dispute.

Jerry Wall: Charlie Domer of Domer Law, was the best WC lawyer I could have ever dreamed of getting for my 3 yr old Workmans Compensation case with bills over 3 million dollars.His unbelievable work knowledge and core ethics blended to create the best solution to my WC claim and its final resolution!Thanks again sir!

17. Grzeca Law Group SC - Avenues West

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· 15 reviews

1434 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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18. von Briesen & Roper, s.c. - East Town

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· 8 reviews

411 E Wisconsin Ave UNIT 1000, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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19. Quarles & Brady LLP - East Town

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· 19 reviews

411 E Wisconsin Ave #2350, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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20. Birdsall Obear & Associates LLC - Yankee Hill

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· 21 reviews

1219 N Cass St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Birdsall Obear & Associates LLC: what do users think?

安德森市Deonte: Attorney Muller was amazing. My first and only time going through that process and she did everything in her power to get me the justice I deserve. If you read this thank you again.

leon frazier: Nicole Muller is by far the best! Nicole from day one of my initial consultation made me feel secure and confident that everything was going to be ok. Nicole was very consistent and transparent every step of the way. I was highly impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, and commitment. This was my first time dealing with courts and Nicole assured me that she was very confident that everything would be ok. My case went to trial and I was a nervous wreck and to watch Nicole excitement and determination to prove my innocence and pull out the truth was very calming. Needless to say Nicole/myself was successful!!! If you want the best you want Nicole!!!!!!Thank you Nicole Muller

Tim Harris: Nicole Muller was the best choice of the attorneys I had talked to in the area about the felony case I had pending. I talked to other attorneys from different firms and I didn't feel confident that they would represent me properly. When I talked to her with my initial consultation she made me feel very confident that we would win the case. After meeting her and spending time with her while my case was progressing I didn't have any concerns that we wouldn't win. She is the best lawyer out there and as her client I would definitely recommend her to anyone. You can choose another lawyer but if you want the best you choose Nicole Muller.

Hunter Riedel: Positive:ProfessionalismI was facing felony charges and with plenty of HARD work Nicole was able to have my charges dismissed I would highly recommend 👌8/10 would hire again.

Derek Butzen: Positive:ProfessionalismBest lawyers in Wisconsin hands down I would highly recommend then to anybody especially Nicole

barikisu aliyu: Awesome people

Chantelle Harris: Positive:ProfessionalismNicole Muller is amazing! We need more like her!

Scott: Knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. Has the experience you need in defense and the law.

Scott Forbes: I was plunged into the legal system for the 1st time in my life with no idea of what to do. Charged with a Felony, I was in a panic. John took time to listen, explain, and plan my defense. He fought the State of Wisconsin’s refusal to provide evidence and won. He fought a maleficent prosecutor and won. More than 1 attorney told me I had hired the best lawyer in WI. That respect from his peers was also evident from the Judges as well. John has worked tirelessly to improve the system here in Wisconsin so that the rights of the accused are protected. He worked long hours and even weekends on my case. The result? I am cleared of all charges and have my life back. If you need legal counsel, don't spend another second being worried. Hire John.

Joe Daley IV: Nicole is the best in my eyes. She talks to you like a normal person and feels like u have known her for years. I had a serious case that could of ruined my life and got lots of prison time. She got the case dismissed by her hard work and knowledge. I would advise anyone to hire her. The money and time is way worth it.

Craig H: Birdsall was recommended to me by a friend, and Nicole got my case dismissed entirely. Worth every penny.

Dean Sopcic: 5/5 Would Recommend

Kid Flash: was extremely friendly and approachable which made my first court experience significantly easier to transition into. My case was beat and my life left intact and I have her to thank for that.

Mrs Mattie Pie: This was the best law firm to choose from Nicole Miller did her thang I recommend her to take over any criminal case because she gets the job done she knows what she is doing and she do what she say I give this law firm 5 stars

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