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1. Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Milwaukee - Historic Third Ward

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· 20 reviews

625 E St Paul Ave Suite 100, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Milwaukee: what do users think?

Cassie Cosgrove: My fiancé and I took father/daughter and mother/son dance lessons here. We did two 40 minutes lessons back to back and time flew by. I wasn’t sure what to expect but we had a ton of fun. Our instructors Natalie and Sodo were phenomenal. They went at our pace, taught us a few styles of dance, and then worked on applying some of that to the songs we had picked up. I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for lessons for a wedding dance!

Kelly Schad: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueMy fiance and I began dance lessons for our wedding at Fred Astaire. We have found the lessons to be exciting, professional and a great activity for our date nights. The staff at FA are welcoming, friendly and energetic. We'll be continuing with the dances, social parties and hopefully, competitions.

Barbara Collignon: I've been a student at the Milwaukee studio for 10 years now and have enjoyed lessons, parties, balls and competitions. I can honestly say that the last 10 years have been among the most fun of my life-- thanks to the wonderful professional teachers at FADS!

Edward Burr: My last 2 years at Fred Astaire have been a dream! I started dancing kind of as a joke. I was traveling to Brazil for my friends wedding and thought I'd learn to Samba in a couple months to prepare. What I found was an energetic and supportive community of like-minded individuals. Positive, supportive, and understanding. And that's just the other students. The instructors are even better. You will not regret your time here. You will feel uncomfortable but you will get past it and on the other side is an unparalleled sense of confidence. And you'll look great doing it!

Timothy Wade: but also interact with the staff. The staff is fun to work with and they keep you focused on whatever dance or routine you are doing. I would recommend going to Fred Astaire because learning the dances and routines will keep you fit and get to interact with staff that enjoy what they do and wants you to have as much fun as they do.

Kate Lorenz: Dancing at Fred Astaire of Milwaukee is more than dancing. It's like a wonderful party every time I walk through the door. Wonderful teachers and staff. Amazing fellow students who have become dear friends. And invigorating learning that is good for brain and body, all while smiling from ear to ear throughout each lesson. I walk out tired but very, very happy!

Tracy Kaebisch: . We'll be taking a break for a while but will probably be back soon.Overall, highly recommend if you like to dance or want to learn!

Judith Fritz: If I could share the most important experience, although there are and have been many that have come from FADS Milwaukee, is that I couldn't have chosen more qualified and wonderful teachers/instructors and staff to help make come true my passion for dance. Everyone shares a passion and dedication for dance and they pass their gift and talent down to each and every student. You can't help but feel the Joy and enthusiasm when you walk in the studio. At FADS Milwaukee I have met so many wonderful people, all who have and are accomplishing so much having come to this studio.

Rachel Kass: We have been having an amazing time and learning so many things. We started at once a week and now love it so much we are in 4 times a week :D Shout out to our amazing coaches Brandon and Jade and the rest of the FADS crew who have made us feel right at home.

scott bicknell: Very professional and enjoyable place.All the staff know are a pleasure to be aroundNo matter how mood you are in when you arrive you always leave feeling happy

Mark Phillips: I feel free when I dance! There's nothing like dancing to a piece o music that you love. The staff is wonderful and the owner is awesome. As long as my Wife continues to smile, I'll be good with it! I Love our studio & instructors! This has been an amazing journey thus far.

Dana Phillips: Me and my husband came to learn one dance and 7 years later we are still dancing. Ballroom dancing is truly an art. Our instructors make learning the art of ballroom dancing fun and fulfilling. Dancing has given us so many wonderful memories. And the is staff is the best .

BillWFranksjr0909: It is always a pleasure to go to dance practice! Michelle is always so nice and always gets exactly what you need. The talent there is simply amazing! The instructions are not only very pleasant to talk with, but they are the best dancers in the US! It is my honest pleasure to be part of this "family"

Justin Cramer: . They are patient and will work as a team to ensure that concepts, patterns and choreography is understood. They have enabled me and my wife to compete nationally against other amateurs. They have trained others to compete on the professional level. But the most important thing is that they keep it fun so you keep coming back for the challenge.

2. Danceworks, Inc. - Lower East Side



· 31 reviews

1661 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Danceworks, Inc.: what do users think?

Brittany Kramer: would recommend

Agatha Petrulis: about Danceworks. He even suggested the 50+ classes which are very beginner - something I would have never thought of. Thanks so much Daniel! Love the passion!!

Kavita Tawadarre: As I am into singing and dance, my kathak friend who is a kathak artistic director introduced me to Danceworks. a vibrant dance studio located in heart of milwaukee downtown.As i am relatively new to other non Bollywood dance forms, I was eager to explore the magic of movements, workouts and rhythms. Overall welcoming atmosphere, the expertise of the instructors, and the exhilarating dance class I attended is just amazing.This place is definitely the best place for kids to learn and grow in dance art form. Highly recommended place and good wishes to the team

Mark Haleen: Great

Wendy Habermehl: Great venue, saved seating, sweet staff.

Mira Gnepper: Great place! Went for thier Saturday Kpop workshop and had an absolute blast. I'm an out of shape non dancer taking my first baby steps into it all and the instructor was so nice. The class was super low pressure with an emphasis on having fun and enjoying the dance. Would definitely recommend👍

sarah martinez: Fun class. Great instructor who gave time and attention to each pair in the group.

3. Daync Studio - Walker's Point

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· 61 reviews

504 W National Ave Studio A, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Daync Studio: what do users think?

Muhammad Abdulaziz: Lovely group of instructors, They support and always push you to do better.

Kelly R: The atmosphere is fun and inclusive. The socials are very good

Jason Lau: What are you waiting for?? JOIN and START your salsa/bachata journey!!! The affordable first month deal makes it easy to try and you don't need a partner! You rotate and meet everyone anyways which is my favorite part! Everyone has their own unique feel and touch and that's what makes it fun.Whether you are a total beginner or have danced before, you will find fun, engaging classes to learn combos or further solidify fundamentals.Aside from the classes, you will also find a vibrant community of people from all walks of life who are passionate about dance and growing together.I am sad to be leaving Milwaukee, but I am so grateful to have found my people, as well as myself, at this studio. I hope you will too. Best wishes!

Katherine Frances M. Wilson: Josh and Amber have done an excellent job supporting the Latin dance community in Milwaukee. Daync Academy is a great spot to social dance. The floor was smooth, the room stayed cool the entire time, and people were so nice.

Blu Jo: Excellent teachers! Grand time attending the social.

ejk2911: They don't really focus on technique. Just a bunch of turn patterns. At the end of the class everyone is usually doing their own thing. But it's nice that they teach a lot of dance patterns. Most places are stingy with turn patterns.

Zoraida Salcedo: Great music, great people, love to the art of dancing, great ventilation.People that come really love to dance and the ambience is awesome. Love not having to deal with drunk people——I love going to Daync, the space is awesome, very well ventilated, the good to dance is super comfortable.The DJs they bring are really good, super great music.They have built an amazing community, super safe to dance and the level is great.The performances they bring are breath taking.I wish they were closer and I was able to go more often.

Leslie Gibbs: Nice space, great space for a nice gathering of up to 80 people

Nestor Murillo: The instructors care about you and your dance journey. Highly recommend if you want to learn bachata or salsa!

Jose Carrasco: Friendly environment, a lot of practice and effective repetition. I always have fun and time flies!

Rebecca Augustine: This is our night we look forward to weekly! We love the "family " of wonderful and supportive friends that we have made here all while gaining a skill and appreciation for Latin dance from Josh and Amber. They are so patient, kind and give clear and concise dance instruction mixed with lots of humor! Such an outstanding approach and it makes Daync studio the best studio we have ever studied through!

4. Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Brookfield - Brookfield

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· 28 reviews

15760 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI 53005

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Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Brookfield: what do users think?

Tom Schweda: when it became very apparent it was necessary to correct my right foot alignment with major foot reconstruction surgery last April.The operation was done on April 2nd with eight weeks of no weight on the foot, followed by weeks in a walking boot.After that it was very careful limited walking with a cane .When I finally went back to see Arthur and Alexis they quickly recognized there was no way I was ready for dancing BUT NEEDED WALKING AND BALANCE LESSONS which continues today with Alexis .Things have improved to the point where I can roll my foot ,transfer my weight and learn to dance better than before the operation.I owe my my "Quality of life" to my FRED ASTAIRE Dance Professionals dedication to their profession!I wrote this for two reasons, First , TO thank Alexis and Arthur and second, For others to realize the the unknown benefits of Fred Astaire dancing.Thank you!

Katie frommelt: Alexis Beetz was the best dance teacher ever. She helped me and my Dad learn a dance for my wedding and gave us confidence and the skills to do a good job!! Couldn’t recommend her more.

Frank V: , Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov, Puala Abdul all masters of their dance craft. I too will hopefully attain that type of greatness with the extremely talented and wonderful instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Brookfield.Dance Dance Dance

Arielle Wolfe: Matt and James were wonderful teaching my first lessons. I had a GREAT time.

Doying Family: James has been a wonderful instructor. My wife and I learned a difficult first dance with him, and he was almost more enthusiastic about it then we were. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Fred Astair in Brookfield, and we look forward to continued dancing there.

Martha Siravo (Moe): FADS has truly been a journey of wonderment, creativity, and adaptability. I have been dancing at Brookfield for a little over a year. As a para-athlete, wheelchair ballroom dancing offers graceful movement, physicality of a truly individualized concept, and an overall sense of inclusion.It has been a blessing getting to know all the staff, and to explore the opportunities adaptive dance has to offer. If you're looking for para-dance instructors or otherwise, definitely check these guys out!

Kevin Blackburn: I signed up for a couple of dance lessons to challenge myself and try something new. Over a year later, I'm so glad that I've had this wonderful experience. The dance instructors are truly top notch professionals and make learning really fun. Fellow students are always there to cheer you on. Not only do they have individual dance lessons, but they also offer group classes so that you can learn with other students. They also have Social Dance parties where you can dance with other students and instructors to practice what you've learned and learn more. I would highly recommend this for anyone.

Andrea Brusky: My boyfriend and I LOVE dancing at Fred Astaire! I have dance experience, but with him having no dance experience at all, he was reluctant to take classes. Our instructors are so good at making it such an inviting place to be for beginners and my boyfriend is loving classes!!

Lois Patton: Arthur and James went out of their way to make me feel welcome and valued. The Social Parties are fun and lively and you never have to be without a partner. After years of not dancing, I felt right at home on the dance floor.

SSR House Manager: After 31+ years together it was finally time to learn to dance. Really enjoying Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Brookfield and our instructor James. Wonderful easy instruction and introduction to dancing together. Welcoming and friendly and no judgement on our level coming in. And if interested in meeting new people - great programs and activities not just dance. Glad we finally did this!

Shelley Botchek: I walked in to fred Astaire in brookfield back in January not really knowing what to expect. Not having a partner I didn’t even know if it would be possible for me to sign up for lessons. Turns out I didn’t need a partner. I can tell you this has been one of my best decisions. This studio is so welcoming and so fun. The staff and students are amazing and I feel like I have become part of a very special family. The teachers and their teaching are awesome and have so much patience and passion for dance and teaching. I have learned so much about myself and about dance since joining this studio and I can’t imagine not having it in my life. You won’t be disappointed here. Wonderful studio for all ages and backgrounds.

margi lockwood: Very happy to give this business an "A plus " I have spent the last 15 months with new teachers, each one with great teaching and dancing abilities. You cannot go wrong with group. These pro's know how to address your goals and work with you to achieve them. Whether it's a wedding dance, social dancing, theatrical shows or competitive dancing, these folks can bring out the best in you with lots of fun doing it!

Avery Stark: Positive:ProfessionalismIf you are looking for a dance studio for a fun date night, wedding, or any other occasion this is the place!!! We initially started because we wanted to have an awesome first dance, but we keep on going because it is so much fun! All the teachers there are awesome as well as all the other students there!!!

Danielle Wilson: Arthur is an awesome instructor. The whole team has been extremely helpful and welcoming. Highly recommend if you're looking for a new hobby, a running date night or just want to learn something new. It's been a great process so far for my fiance and I.

Cat Paws: Beautiful studio with excellent instructors!

Pam Gramins: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThe instructors and entire staff st FADS Brookfield are extremely professional ...they make each and every lesson exciting and interesting..we love them.

Emily Kiehnau: My husband and I had the BEST date night here! Our instructor, Alexis, was really fun, energetic and knowledgeable. Thank you guys for being so professional and welcoming!

Matthew Payne: A wonderful studio with amazing teachers

Tim A: I absolutely love this place. Great people, great atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and supportive.I highly recommend it. So much fun.

5. Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Mequon - Mequon

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· 8 reviews

10934 N Port Washington Rd, Mequon, WI 53092

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6. Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Greenfield - Greenfield

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· 21 reviews

4868 S 74th St Suite A-04, Greenfield, WI 53220

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Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Greenfield: what do users think?

Frannie Scherer: Absolutely wondeful place!!! Olena was a fantastic instructor and made learning how to dance easy and fun! The session was light hearted and we are so excited to return!

Katie Verrier: They helped us get a beautiful wedding dance together in just 2 lessons! Forever grateful for thier patience and kindness.

Apathetic Ape: We wnt here to get a dance choreographed for our wedding. We started off with no experience, but by the time it got to our wedding you wouldn't have known. The dance they created for us was amazing, the instructors were extremely patient, couldn't recommend this more.

Stephen Leow: Amy and I had a lot of fun in the beginner and social classes! We still have a lot to learn but it feels like we've learned so much already!

Amy Leow: The teachers at Fred Astaire are incredibly welcoming and friendly and attentive to their students. We had a wonderful time and learned so much in such a short time! A wonderful way to bo d with my husband -

Alexander Stoddard: We have been thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from our ballroom dance lessons. The instructors are very welcoming and knowledgeable. The facility is excellent too, great space and a great dance floor.

Beth Stoddard: My husband and I enjoy every lesson and practice session at FADS-Greenfield! All the instructors are friendly, welcoming, and have expertise in both dance and in how to teach it well. Our instructor Denys has been positive and accommodating while filling in large gaps in our standard ballroom knowledge, whilst improving what little we remembered from dancing years ago. Highly recommended.

Ryan Howard: We worked with Olena on our First Dance and she is a wonderful teacher. I would recommend anyone to learn dancing skills from her!

May Ji: We had a great time with Olena. She is very detail oriented and she knows how to teach the students based upon their level. We were not comfortable at first to dance but she got our chronograph so nice! I would recommend anyone to come.

Jeremiah Johnson: Very nice dance school, good crew of teachers. Shout out to Jennifer/Dennis. My wife and I took this class to craft a dance routine for our wedding and we made significant progress, well done.

Mike Miller: Jennifer and Denys are amazing instructors! I can’t believe how much we have learned since February!!!

Sherri Dodd (mssdodd): Going to dance is the best part of my week. The instructors are fantastic! They are patient and professional, and we have learned way more than I expected.

William Yadusky: So much fun to learn how to dance here !Oscar and Elena are very good dancers and and teachers !

Mike Nyhart: Absolutely amazing place to learn how to dance! I was a complete novice when I started and now I feel like a confident dancer. I will for sure be back!

Z L: My 14 yo son and I have been taking dance class at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. It is a truly delightful experience, and I simply can’t recommend it enough! The entire staff is warm and engaging, and the facility is spotless. Our teachers, Jennifer and Olena are absolutely amazing! We look forward to continuing taking this classes after our summer vacation.

Melanie Sikma: FADS Greenfield is a warm and welcoming place to learn to dance. It is great for the young and the old, the experienced and the inexperienced. It is a place to make friends and pursue your dreams of dancing with your significant other, or to dance with a professional partner. The instructors are all kind, friendly and professional with an amazing talent for teaching dance in a fun and easy way. I truly enjoy all Dymytrii has done to make this the best place to learn to dance in the area. I highly recommend FADS Greenfield!!!

Edwin Rodriguez: I have never danced before in my life and now at 61 I had to learn to dance for my daughters wedding, but I am so happy to have taken dance classes here. Amazing professors and a great environment to learn to dance. I highly recommend and plan on continuing my dance lessons here

Sarayu Meraki: The instructors at FADS Greenfield are the absolute best. I’ve worked with almost all of them over the past 9 months and learned differently from each one. The culture at the studio is like a big, welcoming family. Every time you walk in, there’s a chorus of hellos and happy faces. I was nervous to learn from so many gifted dancers, but everyone helped my husband and I feel comfortable. Experiencing the encouragement and patience of our teachers, the opportunities to perform, and the excitement around learning has been a life-changing experience. My posture is amazing, I feel more confident, and a I’ve gained beautiful friends. For me, dance has been a homecoming, a healing process, and an opening to new horizons. FADs Greenfield definitely cultivates the sentiment from this quote from the man in tails and a top hat, “Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.” ~ Fred Astaire

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