Best Outdoor Gyms In Milwaukee Near Me

Wild Workouts & Wellness Wisconsin Athletic Club Brickyard Gym Sweeney's Gym MSOE Kern Center Gold's Gym Brew Fitness Riverwest Strength & Conditioning CoMotion Fitness Bay View Fitness 24 Hours Miller Health & Fitness Center Planet Fitness Anytime Fitness Planet Fitness BrewCity CrossFit

1. Wild Workouts & Wellness - Bay View

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· 60 reviews

2898 S Delaware Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Wild Workouts & Wellness: what do users think?

Rose Plewa: I’ve been attending Wild Boot Camps now for 1.5 years and it’s made such a positive impact on my life both mentally and physically. This is the longest I’ve successfully stuck with an exercise routine and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The Wild community is so supportive and I find myself motivated to be accountable to the trainers and my peers. Wild boot camps are a judgement-free zone with knowledgeable, creative trainers that focus on form and safety. We have a new workout plan every class with a good balance of strength and cardio. Each class I can decide if I want to push myself or modify the exercise to meet me where I’m at. The studio is clean and has great equipment. I am so grateful to the Wild community!

Kate O'Keefe: Wild Workouts and Wellness has helped me achieve fitness goals I would have never thought possible ten years ago. The coaches are incredibly knowledgeable, and can tailor small group sessions to meet a diversity of client needs and skillsets. The community and coaches alike are incredibly supportive of and encouraging to one another. Very few things can get me up and out of bed at 5am three days per week. This is the top reason I do so!

Cynthia Barnicki: Wild continues to be the best workout facility I have been a part of. The coaches know what they are doing and guide clients to do the exercises safely in a fun atmosphere. All levels feel welcome and are challenged and celebrated. There is flexibility in the timing of workouts, but also accountability. I can forget what else is going on in life when I work out and leave feeling lighter and stronger.

Katie Cunningham: The workouts and community at Wild are hard to beat! The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring, and I look forward to my workouts.

Linda Roessl: Wild Workout Boot camp is more then fabulous. Never a dull moment with Paul pushing us to our limits with his expertise.

Karrie G: Such a wonderful place for people to find community and work on health goals. The trainers meet you where you are at, no matter the size or condition. Such a supportive place. I cannot say enough good things.

Ashley Karbowski: Wild Workouts and Wellness is like a second family. The coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Day one is different for everyone, the coaches are prepared with modifications to provide an inclusive workout for all clients.

Kathleen Williams: Joined in May 2022 for the small group workouts. I’ve struggled being motivated and challenged while working out at home and appreciate having someone with expertise designing the program for us. The workouts have a lot of variety and the trainers and other students are friendly and welcoming. Gyms can be intimidating, but this one isn’t.

Ruth A. Boulet: We joined Wild less than a year ago & we’re already feeling stronger. I can get myself to run but always struggled with weights. Wild’s trainers work with each client as they are & encourage each one of us.

Corey Zetts: I found Wild when trying out gyms many years ago and chose it because I liked the small group format, the variety of the workouts, and the coaches’ commitment to meeting everyone where they are and helping them develop goals for their fitness and wellness. I’ve stayed all these years because it has become such a supportive community for me. I love the work and the strength I have developed, but starting the day with my 5:30 crack o’ dawn crew laughing and supporting one another keeps me showing up, even before sunrise.

Sara Eberhardy: I had commitment issues with exercise, until I started at Wild. The personalized attention from the trainers and the unique workouts make it easy to show-up at the gym. I've been there many years and still don't think I've done the same workout twice! Plus, the people are awesome!

Elizabeth: Helpful trainers and it's a friendly, clean place to come for small group workouts! I've been coming here for three years now and my mobility and physical strength has greatly improved.

Sarah Henery: First reviewed the program 5 years ago. Since then, the gym has changed ownership a few times but has never lost its commitment to its members or sustainable fitness and progress. I love the trainers and workouts and have been going for years. Before I came here I kept getting injured working out because I wasn’t evenly loading on both sides of my body. Now I have near even fitness levels and my back pain- once quite impairing- is basically gone. Highly recommend starting here!I joined the small group training program 6 months ago and couldn't be happier with it. My fitness routine has lagged in the last few years due to some recurring injuries. The staff here are great at finding workarounds to any injuries or physical limitations you might have and getting you stronger and more fit overall. I greatly appreciate the flexible class times and the small group class groups are very supportive and fun. The best part of working out here for me is that I don't have to plan my workouts- I just show up, do what the trainers say, and get results. That's the best and most efficient workout routine I've ever done.

Paula Bausch: I have been going to Wild for quite a few years. The trainers at Wild care- they get to know you and know any injuries you may have and will help you modify any exercise if necessary. This is my physical and mental therapy. Thanks WILD for all you have done for me and the Wild community!!

Kathy Triggiano: Wild workouts rocks!! I love going to class and feel great after. Wild really takes into account any injury or issue and finds alternatives that are great! Wild makes you feel like family!! The best workouts around.

Monique Charlier: I have been a client for six years and love the variety of the workouts and the fun, supportive environment! Wild has helped me achieve my goals and keeps me coming back. Highly recommend!

Holly Blomquist: Great coaches and a wide variety of workouts! The team and clients at Wild create a fun, supportive environment. I've been a client for 6 years, still going strong.

Stephanie Harling: I have been a client for just over 3 years now. I can say without hesitation that I have not felt this mentally and physically strong in 20 years. The coaches are highly skilled, compassionate, and fun. The workouts change daily. Workouts are challenging but easy to modify to accommodate each fitness level.This is truly a gym that has created a fitness community. It's worth the investment of time and money.

Danielle Whitmore: I’ve been enjoying Wild workouts for over a year now. The small group workouts are designed to accommodate all ages & fitness levels. The trainers are great managing the exercise variations by individual levels from beginner to advanced. And it’s Fun! I’m also looking forward to participating in the other class offerings and outside activities also available.


· 132 reviews

411 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Wisconsin Athletic Club: what do users think?

Montserrat Del Castillo: Excellent place

Rhianna Kramer: I love coming here. The staff are friendly and helpful. It's a community not just for working out but for improving your whole life. There are a bunch of events and classes planned for everyone.

Nichole: Really nice and helpful staff. Very clean. Easy access to equipment

Angel Nightwolf: It's 0alright

3. Brickyard Gym - Bay View

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· 80 reviews

2651 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Brickyard Gym: what do users think?

Brian Hanson: I lifted here once when I was traveling through town. The day-pass was surprisingly cheap, and I loved the old-school & friendly atmosphere. It's the best gym I've lifted in, I wish it were closer to my hometown.

Everson Nieves: Old school gym.... Has everything you need to transform your body

andrew patrick: Great location, great owner, great other clients, and great prices. Kinda like stepping into a time capsule to a gym in 2010, but if you’re fine with that then this is your place

David Nelson: . Iconic historic old school gym like where Arnold could train. No other palce like it. Paradise for old school lifters and bodybuilders, but welcoming to everyone

Enzor Lee: Hidden Gem 💎definitely check it out

Susan Goss: Lots of equipment. Friendly people.

Austin Mleziva: Old school iron paradise. Broad variety of equipment and unique machines. Dumbbells up to 120 and squat racks, benches, and deadlift platforms. A day pass is very affordable at only $5. Definitely drop by if you are in the area

Shawn Lonardelli: Been all over the country, it's hard to find a gym like this anymore. It's a throwback to the best days! I'd rate it higher if I could.

Garett Laugavitz: They got what you need to reach your fitness goals if you got the will. Took on a trainer there, Alex who showed me the ropes - I'm feelin great and seeing results too. I got a ways to go but this is the strongest I've felt. Plus the gym is decked out with throwback posters of bodybuilders and it's a trip haha 😅 They're good people, it's good vibes. I dig it.

Steven Hillis: Ideal gym experience. Well furnished but not fancy. Friendly and dedicated crowd. Great prices, great hours.

T D: Been going to this gym for over 20 years. Owner is local, nice guy. The gym has all of the weights and equipment you'll need, 120 lb dumbbells, too.

John Cantwell: If you want a positive, encouraging experience this is the place for you. The energy and community is amazing.

Priscila BZ: I love it here, Ken always makes you feel welcomed! Must try the Yoga class!

Larry McKenzie: Great gym! Old school! The come to workout here! Woohoo!

4. Sweeney's Gym - New Coeln

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· 71 reviews

6050 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207, United States

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Sweeney's Gym: what do users think?

douglassteltenkamp: Сначала позанимайтесь по книгам. Пока что это потрясающе. Персонал для регистрации предложил потрясающий сервис. Обратите внимание: если я получаю хорошее обслуживание, я всегда хвалю вовлеченных людей. Я не засранец, который постоянно жалуется. Если опыт хороший, я всегда так говорю.

Andrew Ellingen: Действительно, идеальный тренажерный зал. Я был во многих заведениях, и это мой самый любимый.

Devin Lewis: Отличное место для тренировок! Здесь много книг в кожаных переплетах и ​​пахнет насыщенным красным деревом.

Kelly Smith: Классный тренажерный зал!!

XxMr.KarmaxX: Отличное место для тренировок, люди здесь хорошие, в целом отличное место

Luke Schwendemann: Sweeney’s is the perfect gym for you! I’ve been a member for almost three years now and can’t see myself anywhere else. It has everything you need from fixed to free weights as well as group classes and personalized 1-1 training. It’s also pretty inexpensive for a 24/7 gym! Definitely worth a visit/membership!

Glenn Ward: Bar none a great crew, and motivating atmosphere and positive workout mindsets.Luke, Sarah, and of course Mike Sweeney just makes your experience at Sweeney's gym one that you want to keep doing.

Aaron Worth: My favorite gym. Great atmosphere and loads of equipment for any type of workout. Sauna is dope too! Very friendly staff as well.

Gracie Dickens: My home away from home!! Definitely one of my favorite places on the planet. The vibe is immaculate, every worker and member is super nice and supportive and gave my brother and I such an amazing environment to grow💪

Alex Oldenburg: This is a great privately owned gym! I met the owner the very first day, him and the entire staff is very friendly. Well maintained, sauna is very clean. Much better than any commercial gym!

Garrett Koch: Great gym, knowledgeable staff, not overcrowded like other gyms. Immaculate vibes

Lucas Rivera: Great place

Matt Dennert: Great gym! Feel like a home to me. Everyone that works there and works out there are great!

Danny I: Wide range of equipment and excellent staff. Very well kept and very reasonably priced. Great environment for whatever your skill level may be
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· 190 reviews

1245 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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MSOE Kern Center: what do users think?

JOE WILSON: Great ice rink

arlo gough: Great place for an alumni event with skating, food, and hockey!

Rabid Wolverine: Hockey rink is awesome

Justin Harvey: Great space for the Empty Bowls fest. Very welcoming staff and just a great overall vibe.

Doug Johnson: Great location. Parking can be tricky

6. Gold's Gym - East Town

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· 203 reviews

731 N Water St Ste M100, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Gold's Gym: what do users think?

sue Boyle: Excellent spin class!!! Great instructor, always new challenges and music.

Jessica Posada: , the pool is always clean and there’s an exclusive place for women that has

Soroush Mahmoudian Dehkordi: Its a very good and clean gym with athletic environment which help to motivate people. They have a very good equipments, but it’s crowded. I think if we had more tables, and machines, it would be much nicer.

david romo: and excited to see the future of this gym.

SANDRA LOPEZ: Very clean, friendly and professional. Great experience!

Greg Bennett: Love it ,everything you want in a Gym

Angel Roman: Amazing

Alejandro Esquivel: This place is awesome! Great people that will always say hi and every inclusive!

Brooke Washington: I love working with Ducee and Bri at Booty boot camp ! They are a vibe and the whole thing is a vibe. Love to see our black women empowering others and working on our health !!

Monique Elam: I love working with Duce!!!! And love working with her and Bri at booty boot camp

Rey David Reyes: The staff in here is awesome, really nice people 💯

Glenn: Jesus and I had a great training session. Keeps you motivated!

7. Brew Fitness - Walker's Point

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· 72 reviews

408 W Florida St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Brew Fitness: what do users think?

Sophie Seaman: Such a great community!

Jose George: I have been going here for almost 5 years. Pushes me every day with a mix of workouts. They incorporate essential weight lifting, cardio, HIIT, plyo.. that hit all areas. Highly recommend this place if want to stay fit and like to workout in groups.

Sean Scholl: Best gym in MKE by far

Esteban Gonzalez: Excellent place and environment!💪🏻

Barry Barrios: A+. Great gym offering excellent small group classes in an impeccably clean environment!

Lena Scheibengraber: I found Brew after my old boot camp closed; I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find a similar community like I’d had before, but wanted to give it a shot. Immediately after getting into the 10-day trial, my partner and I were warmly greeted, given a tour of the space, and were offered small check-ins and motivational messages by the owner, Ryan, and by the other trainers. We got to experience all of the classes offered, and it was a no-brainer to fully join.The workouts are challenging, the trainers are hands-on to ensure you know what you’re doing, and you leave each workout feeling accomplished. Oh, and the after-workout beer on tap and dog-friendly environment? Bonus! Membership celebrations, seasonal challenges, and an array of other perks show how serious each trainer is about the success of this place, and the success of their clients.TLDR; Don’t let this place slip past you: sweat it out in a class, have a beer, pet a dog, and join the best gym in Milwaukee!

Matthew Hughes: A supportive community of members and trainers that help you achieve your goals. I’ve been going for a few months now and don’t regret a single day. 💪🏻

Melissa Maguire: If you’re looking for a welcoming, fun environment with challenging full body workouts, this is the spot. I moved away from Milwaukee and find it impossible to find a gym that compares to Brew. Affordable prices and killer workouts- 10/10 would recommend!

M Fisher: I moved to Wisconsin without knowing anyone, so finding a gym and community where I felt I belonged took time. A coworker referred me to Brew Fitness during the Spring 50 event in 2022, and I loved the gym's atmosphere and workouts, so I became a member. My favorite classes are Brew Strength, Max Strength, and personal training sessions. I recommend everyone to give this place a shot regardless of their athletic ability!

Zach Semancik: Love EVERYTHING about Brew Fitness. The trainers go out of their way to make sure that you’re satisfied and are always open to giving you help in any way you need it. The balance of workouts is amazing, and they leave you feeling like you accomplished something at the end of every single one. And a beer after a workout is always a plus!! The gym feels like it’s own little friendly community, and I would recommend it to anybody.

Mallorie Lang: Awesome gym with a great variety of classes & well designed space. The trainers are all amazing & very hands on. Been coming here for a few months and love it!

Jonathan Hoisak: Joined in January and doing a lot of classes since, this gym has great workout programming, coaches and amenities, and nice mix of clientele too. Best gym in MKE, obviously...

Myles Metzger: Great classes, great trainers, great people, great vibes. Couldn’t say anything better!

Cori Moran: Love the classes, trainers and all the other gym goers! Great community!

Kweku TeAngelo Cargile Jr.: An amazing gym with quality classes!

Jeff Hanson: After an injury I completed physical therapy but still felt like I had a ways to go and didn't know how to get there. Had never done more than cycling before. Signed up for one on one personal training sessions and now I feel like a totally new person. Not only did I conquere my injury but I've gotten my whole body in shape.I never could have done this just walking into a gym and trying to figure it out myself.The group classes have great trainers and you get to meet like minded people.

8. Riverwest Strength & Conditioning - Riverwest

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· 15 reviews

2672 N Holton St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

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9. CoMotion Fitness - Harbor View

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· 46 reviews

126 E Mineral St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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CoMotion Fitness: what do users think?

Wayne Stady: Unlock your fitness potential at this incredible gym! Nate and his team of inspiring trainers will guide you towards your goals in a fun and safe environment, filled with top-notch equipment. Get ready to soar!

Eric De Wane: Great gym! Open and welcoming atmosphere. Did personal training with Avery. Will be back!

Mike: Nice boutique gym with friendly people and ample equipment good for whatever style of working out you're into

LONG LIVING LEGACIES: Great Location, but it the trainers and the clients that make this fitness area the best in the Walkers Point area! 24/7 access, tanning bed, combative area for martial arts training! A verity of strength and condition training and new equipment is added throughout the year!

Wash It: .

Michael Pachedag: Nice place, free towels soap just not clean and there is a laundry mat near by

Ian Rennhack: This Gym being open 24/7 allowed us to still get our exercise in when another gym was closed. And the first time being a free trial allowed us to still try everything out uninterrupted. Very kind staff and a lovely environment. If I could reward more stars I would.

Milk-Lander: Very welcoming gym with just about everything you'd need.

Christian Heitmann: Great gym and cool people! We'll definitely be back again!

Chelsea McCormick: CoMotion is awesome! It’s a great gym that has a wonderful atmosphere and isn’t gimmicky like global gyms. I love going in everyday and seeing regulars and new faces. It has everything you need to get a great workout and CoMo also offers great classes!

cicci uzzu: Excellent gym, fully equipped and the people who use it are awesome!

Hugh Malo: Fantastic gym and wonderful community of people. Every trainer and gym member I interact with is great. I've been training here since Nov. 2020.Nate was immediately responsive to give me a tour of the gym and help me get comfortable when I signed up. Ricky helped me out with his diet and meal planning expertise that I still use today. I train strength and conditioning 4x per week, 2 days by myself, 2 days I train with Travis. He has encyclopedic knowledge of human movement patterns and I cannot speak highly enough of his skills as a trainer. I've had significant increases in strength, can now add way more weight to the bar, and my overall health is at an all-time high.More recently I've started training Jiu-Jitsu with Avery. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I thought I would be in the best shape of my life at 40 and taking up a martial art for fun, I would have laughed. Huge thanks to everyone at CoMotion for creating such an incredible environment for personal growth.

Christina Tekus: This is the first gym that I have felt comfortable at & have consistently gone to for almost three years now. I am the strongest I have ever been & enjoy the little challenges that each class brings. Everyone who works at the gym is super supportive & approachable. I’m an grateful to have found such great gym community!
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· 210 reviews

735 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Milwaukee Athletic Club: what do users think?

A M: Aside from a gym, this is also an event venue and there are also a few hotel rooms available and a rooftop bar. I came for Doors Open Milwaukee and got some decent views of the Milwaukee skyline from the roof top

Jacob “Kuba” Marek: building for all but one room

Myles Hecimovich: Love the events, the staff, and the people. Class all the way around the board. Networking opportunities are phenomenal.

Alysha Newby: We recently hosted a first birthday party for our daughter on the MAC rooftop.With views of Lake Michigan and Milwaukee’s skyline the terrace provided a beautiful backdrop to such a great day.The staff was extremely accommodating and worked hard to bring our vision to life. From creating custom food and drink menus to coordinating all the vendors day of, the MAC team took care of every detail.

robert grede: Continue to be amazed at how fun this place can be. Rooftop bar is the best venue in the City. Staff bends over backwards to make your stay memorable and fun. And you meet the nicest people in the gym, the weight room, the steam room and pool. Great place to work out, network, or just have fun.

11. SPIRE Fitness - Historic Third Ward

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· 118 reviews

102 N Water St d, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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SPIRE Fitness: what do users think?

Samantha Riess: Love the crew classes here!I really appreciate that all the instructors take their time to break down each move and give you modifications if you need them! I always feel supported! Kameelah’s classes are my favorite!!

Jovan J: It was a great first visit. Everyone was welcoming and the workout was amazing.

Jim Nitz: Kaela's Ride+ class was a fantastic mix of spin and weights!

Adria Rodriguez: This place is awesome! Everyone who works here is so kind and friendly, the workouts are very challenging but really fun! There are always modifications given also, so it is accessible to any fitness level. I would recommend this gym to everyone!

Cathy Lewandowski: Had the best experience with Summer! She made the class super fun with her wonderful enthusiasm! It was an excellent workout that flew by!

Erin Caffrey: Awesome, friendly, helpful instructors!! Very tough but great classes! I’ve been doing the split60

Gabriella Arambula: I absolutely loved my first class with Matt ! The playlist was 🔥, after a long week, I felt motivated through the hills and isolations every track, people were very friendly and inviting can’t wait for another class ! #supportlocal

SPIRE Fitness: Incredibly Awesome Experience! From the Front desk staff to the instructors, everyone was very welcoming and so helpful getting me set up with the cycle class. I will definitely be back for all the other class formats.

Annalee Collins: I just started at Spire and I really like the cycling classes. Everyone is patient with new people and it is challenging in a good way. Gabby and Parker play great music for exercising.

Alan Mars: , Spire is exactly the type of workout class that you want. Classes offer a solid mix of strength, cardio, and enough throwback music to get the blood pumpin’ at the right level. Whether you’re starting your day out with a morning class, hopping in an evening class after a tough day of work, or attending a weekend warriors class…Spire is the best workout, and well worth the 45 minutes. You’ll be happy that you joined!

Grace Ruiz: Everyone is so nice and friendly. I’m new to spin class and everyone makes you feel welcome. No question is a dumb question. Super helpful! Great environment!

Maddie Connell: Super fun atmosphere, instructors are so friendly and welcoming. Great workout and community!

Geneva Kennedy: Motivating atmosphere, great coaches and a variety of workouts... Visiting SPIRE is the best part of my week! I love spin with Grace and Katie and TRX with Stefan.

Madeleine Falk: , quality of customer service

Briana Davis-Greer: My favorite

Michael Reed: Clearly a passionate crew working at Spire, a lot of energy, great motivators & music.

Sarah Babicz: I love going to classes at Spire! All the instructors and staff are great

Marilia Domingues: I love spire fitnes!!! I always go there and the atmosphere and instructors are great!

Bernie Hauerwas: That staff are very friendly, the environment is super clean, and the music was awesome!

12. Bay View Fitness 24 Hours - Bay View

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· 62 reviews

2121 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Bay View Fitness 24 Hours: what do users think?

Jonathan Tzeel: 3 pectoral decks and a bunch more. Great equipment for the most part.

Rachel L: So happy to have found this place! Signing up online was easy, and the owner is nice and on top of things. It's a great gym with all the basics, plus a lot I didn't expect.I'm so grateful to have an affordable gym in the neighborhood

Christina R: Very clean & the staff was helpfulNo pne cared if you had the latest workout clothes on and suchI like that!

Samantha Luber: Great gym, great trainers

Julieth Ortega: I don't speak English very well yet but I would like to go to this gym. What payment methods are there besides credit cards?Thank you very much for responding. Yes, I would be interested in knowing your facilities. When could it happen?

SARMN MARK: My favorite place.

13. F45 Training Milwaukee Lakefront - Historic Water Tower Neighborhood

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· 18 reviews

2636 N Downer Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211

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F45 Training Milwaukee Lakefront: what do users think?

Nick Mueller: This is best workout studio in the Milwaukee area!! They have the most fun and knowledgeable coaches coupled with hard hitting and effective work outs.

Drehdeck Drehdeck: Great place. Tough workouts and seems intimidating, but coaches are great and no one is judgmental. It’s a really great environment to workout.

Victoria Davis Davila: No matter where you are in your fitness journey, check out F45 if you are looking for a place to keep you motivated, engaged and making progress. The trainers are really knowledgeable and take the time to get to know you so they can help you reach your goals. Even if it might look intense if you are walking past - you can modify the workout to fit your needs. Every few weeks there are new 6 week challenges that are fun and help you hit goals. I just hit my 200th class and I still learn new exercises every week. The team training environment is really awesome and the gym has a positive and welcoming atmosphere. I have two little kids and run a business and F45 is my self care!

k desai: Approaching 100 classes and I’m feeling stronger than ever! Such a great group and community

Jacob Davida: First of all, the community at F45 is awesomely engaging and friendly thanks to the amazing trainers who are friendly, knowledgeable, and know how to push or support you at the right times. This gym has an amazing formula to keep you fit and excited at the same time and the classes change regularly to keep you engaged. My body composition changed noticeably after even a couple of months of 4-5 classes a week. I like that they cover cardio and resistance on different days to get a total body workout - you can bulk up or tone depending on how you decide to push yourself.

Miriam Atinsky: This my 442 classes in almost 3 years. F45 has changed my life. F45 challenges me to be the best version of myself.

Ann DeVine: I’ve never been more satisfied with a workout experience. They guided me as a novice to strength training and I’m seeing results in both my body and outlook. Love F45!

Andrew Wolff: I’ve been a member for three months and the class content, schedule of classes, trainers, and settings have all been fantastic and enabled me to be stronger and healthier. Looking forward to many years of going here.

Veronica Snell: The 45 mins fly by and I always feel very accomplished and proud of myself by the end! No better feeling. The coaches are great and knowledgeable too!

Dakota Ashe: I have been looking for a workout for years that I am engage in and feel accountable to attend. I found this in F45. I love it so much. All the trainers are incredibly encouraging and kind. Great environment and great workout. Always done in a timely manner.

julia K: Хожу сюда уже пару месяцев и мне очень нравится! Отличные преподаватели, прекрасная обстановка, замечательные люди!

Jacob Rankin: Я являюсь участником F45 с 2020 года. Это фантастическое фитнес-сообщество, частью которого стоит стать! Окружающая среда веселая и гостеприимная для людей любого уровня в их фитнес-путешествии. Все тренеры отлично объясняют упражнения и корректируют технику, чтобы предотвратить травмы. Не могу больше рекомендовать это место!

Nick Lehman: Начал заниматься в F45 около 2 лет назад и с тех пор прошел более 450 занятий. Это отличная тренировка, подходящая для любого уровня подготовки. Персонал и тренеры просто фантастические, у них отличный баланс, который подталкивает вас к лучшему, и технические знания, позволяющие убедиться, что вы правильно выполняете движения, чтобы предотвратить травмы. Чрезвычайно гостеприимное сообщество.

Chris Nicholson: Я хожу регулярно уже пару лет, и мне нравятся тренеры и атмосфера. Когда я присоединился к HIIT, я был новичком, и команда действительно помогла мне освоиться и придерживаться этой программы. Очень рекомендую всем, кто хочет начать новую привычку в фитнесе.

David Price: Персонал и тренеры на высшем уровне. Отличное сообщество людей, которые помогают вам стремиться к лучшему.

Joe Sibley: F45 стал отличным дополнением к моей программе тренировок. Это позволяет мне получить отличную тренировку за короткий промежуток времени, что соответствует моему напряженному графику. Тренировки варьируются между силовыми и кардио-тренировками, но мне больше всего нравятся занятия по выходным, которые длятся 1 час и представляют собой небольшое дополнительное испытание, прежде чем я смогу насладиться оставшейся частью моих выходных. Персонал дружелюбный и всегда подталкивает участников каждый день отдавать немного больше.

Rebecca Kleemann: Обожаю Ф45! С тех пор, как я жил в Милуоки, я попробовал немало тренажерных залов и был невероятно доволен F45. Я тот, кто любит заканчивать тренировки, но нуждается в мотивации и поддержке во время занятий. Эти тренеры найдут время, чтобы познакомиться со всеми, даже после одного занятия, и обязательно подтолкнут вас во время тренировки. Сами тренировки великолепны, а форматы меняются достаточно часто, чтобы сохранять свежесть. Вам просто нужно появиться! Я настоятельно рекомендую попробовать. Ваша первая неделя тоже бесплатна!

Wanda Yang: Лучшее место для тренировок, где я когда-либо был! Все тренеры приятные и активно меня подталкивают. Это очень помогло мне выработать привычку к тренировкам!

Linda Hucko: Фантастическая тренировка, все тренеры искренне заботятся, а время летит незаметно!

14. Miller Health & Fitness Center - Miller Valley

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Not verified
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· 18 reviews

4400 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53208

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Miller Health & Fitness Center: what do users think?

Donnie Seville: I love it there!

Ammara Niazi: Good

Debby LeRay: Great Dr's Great people who work there!

Brigg Barsness: Открыто только для сотрудников Molson Coors. Не открыт для широкой публики. Двери клиники всегда заперты.

Ray Lore: Замечательный.

15. Planet Fitness - East Town

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· 409 reviews

101 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203

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Planet Fitness: what do users think?

Dashia Day: I love this location. It is very convenient, and the staff is always friendly and upbeat!

Charles hardy: Friendly staff

Sergio Josue Beltran: It works to me!

YolandaIs Seeking KNOWLEDGE (Y Seeking knowledge): The downtown Milwaukee location has been upgraded since my last visit here. Very nice changes in the layout, atmosphere and crowd here. Staff was friendly, facility clean. This used to be my favorite club, but the parking issues drove me away. Todays visit will definitely make me reconsider....

Jaelei Beauty: Friendly staff and clean facility. Just a short walk from my work place and love the scenic walk down there.

Patrick Gatton: Great location! Clean!

Robert McGarrity: Location was remodeled this winter and is now a little more open and inviting. Washrooms were clean, all the equipment was functional and full black card services. It's my work out stop anytime I am in Milwaukee

Randolph Magone: Front Desk Staff professional and accommodating

Vanessa Boyd: . Only one was good enough for me today! LOL...55. Accessories! I love the gym bags, towels, etc., and especially the locks bec I have a tendency to forget mine..6. The other amenities to discover. That is upcoming in my journey.AND LAST BUT DEFINATELY NOT LEAST: SCORE: AAA++++7. Staff: very personable, will always say "hello" to you and "goodbye" to you when you leave. Acknowledging you when you come and go is VERY important, especially when you've had a so-so workout day. I appreciate their patience working with this 64yoa! We need to at least give them a smile when WE come and go too. They deserve it....One suggestion: MORE SPACE! More retirees like myself are getting on that good foot, LOL! But it's NO excuse not to exercise....come on down and enjoy the grimaces and grunts!Oh and btw, the place is clean. Very clean.

Cam Mikala: love the hydro massage 😂 but i like how spacious it is wish it was a little bigger

16. Anytime Fitness - The East Side

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· 57 reviews

2170 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States

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Anytime Fitness: what do users think?

tom Quinn: Jayvin pushes limits correctly and I feel safe with his fitness plan.

Law Thomp: Great place to work out at…very professional and helpful staff… 24hrs locked facility spray and wipes very clean as long as everyone works together and clean up behind themselves I recommend this location to anybody!!!!

Christopher Wight: Just Joined today Very Convenient and Clean 😎

Wey2fit: Very convenient location

Johnny Galarza: Excellent facility to workout

Calvin White: I love that I can choose what time to workout at anytime day or night.

Casey Melcher: Clean. Nice. They pretty much have everything you need. Kinda crowded around 5pm

Sara Chunmei: So much better than others so clean. But need more equipment

blanco rivera: Very convenient location in water St. Very Clean.Easy access

17. Planet Fitness - Southgate

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· 442 reviews

3333 S 27th St, Milwaukee, WI 53215

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18. BrewCity CrossFit - Menomonee River Valley

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· 36 reviews

1539 W St Paul Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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BrewCity CrossFit: what do users think?

Jeremy Miller: or an open gym with plenty of options to dial in. Sounds like the price is about $110/mo if you sign up annually.Personally, i think I would choose a place with a more personal coaching approach but it’s up to you whether you need safety in learning the workouts of CrossFit; whether you need access to a space for CrossFit; or whether you want a social meaning connected to gym time.

Dana Parrish: My husband and I dropped in this morning for a workout. A coach came and introduced herself right away when we walked in and other members were friendly as well. We had a good workout. We would definitely come back if we’re in the area again.

Erik Bergstrom: Been a member for about a year and a half. Really, really enjoy the workouts and the space, but the people take this place over the top. If you're looking for a crossfit gym in MKE, come check this place out.

Andrew Olson: Dropped in and was super impressed with everything! The gym is massive and the coach was fantastic. Also, the other people in the class were really welcoming and nice, which is so cool to see. They have something really good going on here. Hope to be back!

Eric Bashirian: I never considered myself a strong person. Never lifted weights in my life. I still don't consider myself a strong person but I'm significantly stronger than I was when I joined BrewCity at the beginning of the pandemic. I've always played basketball my whole life. Since joining I feel much more robust and explosive when playing. Since joining BrewCity I also feel more stout when doing various activities around my life, like shoveling snow and hauling kids around. BrewCity is a super welcoming place as well. They have individuals of all levels, from elite to beginner, older and younger. They always help you find your level and push you to comfortably get better.

Sebastian Luksich: Awesome gym culture. Really welcoming people and one of the coolest crossfit gyms I've seen!

Bob Baldwin: Dropped in. Great facility, great programming and welcoming people!

Howard T: are attentive, paced us well as newcomers to CrossFit. Thank you!

Michael Puthoff: I did a Saturday morning drop in session. Lots of people and seemed like a good community. It was a large gym in an old warehouse under a bridge, very urban Milwaukee experience. I would recommend it to others who are looking for a drop in session. I walked up from 5th and Wisconsin in about 15 minutes.

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